Exclusive Interview with Irene Greene

Irene Greene is a Philadelphia born singer-songwriter who uses a vintage foundation of having been raised on greats such as Joni Mitchell, The Beatles and David Bowie, mixed with modern influences from indie, electronic and modern R&B, to create a unique musical cocktail. She is also interested in dystopian novels and poetry by emotionally charged women, both of which she incorporates into her music. This is evident through the dark, metaphorically dense style of the music she produces to tell humanistic stories about love, agony, and female fueled courage. I had the pleasure of interviewing Irene for CUB and I am delighted to share her answers below:

For those people who aren’t familiar with you as an artist, how would you describe your music in a few words?

I would describe my music as vintage inspired, mixed the moodiness of a depressed millennial.

How did you get into performing and writing your own music?

From a young age, I loved music and singing musical theater songs in the car with my mother. My family got me a piano for my birthday, and the rest is history.

What were the musical influences behind your debut song, Platinum Baby?

“Platinum Baby” revolves around the idea of an old love song like “My Funny Valentine” but turned on its head. I would say ”Platinum Baby” follows my old-meets-new style of writing.

The lyrics of Platinum Baby are definitely dense with meaning, was there any particular inspiration behind them?

The lyrics of “Platinum Baby” were inspired by my beau Mason Summit. When we first started dating, I thought I didn’t deserve him because I’m an intrinsically sad artist type, so I wrote this love ballad to him, and myself. It turns out it worked because he helped produce these tracks and we are madly in love!

You’ve mentioned before that you have an interest in dystopian novels & poetry. Did any particular author or novel inspire you when writing Platinum Baby? 

I didn’t use dystopian novels for inspiration in the case of “Platinum Baby,” but I’m constantly being inspired to write new songs. Right now I’m trying to write a song in tribute to “The Bell Jar,” so I’ll let you know how that goes.

You’ve also mentioned that your music is centered around ‘female-fueled courage’: Why do you think it’s important for these narratives to be told? and how does your own music attempt to do this?

It is vital for me to use my voice and songwriting to tell my story because it could help someone else who’s going through something similar. Even when I have doubts about my art, I remember that my ability to voice my thoughts and opinions through song is never something I should take for granted.

Will there be a music video to accompany Platinum Baby? 

There will be a spooky, 1960s inspired music video for “Platinum Baby” released soon!

What new music can we expect from you in the near future? 

I am currently working on an EP for Fall 2018.

Listen to her track ‘Platinum Baby’ on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/1g3XhsJ1cHJe8oahWfdl92?si=w020jkyvSJCZxrILwNFTUA

Also check out Irene on her Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/irenegreenemusic/

And her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/irenegreenemusic/

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