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Do you like the finer things in life? Do you have a rich and healthy appetite? And finally, do you need somewhere new to go for a quality dining experience? Well, I am delighted to inform CUB readers that Sauterelle at the Royal Exchange has just announced (yes this is an exclusive just for you!) that they are embarking on a collaboration with Michelin star chef Felice Sgarra. The collaboration involves a special one-night only dinner menu on the 15thof May at 7pm. Sgarra is bringing his experience all the way from his renowned restaurant Umami in Andria, Italy to team up with Sauterelle Executive Head chef Stefano Leone. Together, they will offer guests a selection of dishes inspired by the traditions and produce of Italy’s Puglia region, an area distinguished by its authentic and natural recipes that have been passed down through generations, and which still prove just as popular today.

So what kind of dishes can guests expect you might be wondering? Classic dishes that feature include ‘prawn tartare with pork ‘Guanciale’, ‘red lentils and wild chicory consomme’ as antipasto and ‘artisan pasta with sweet olives, asparagus and traditional burrata from Andria’ for the first plate. For the second plate, options include a very quirky and delicious dish of: ‘octopus, black chickpea, orange, courgette flower and gin’ and for dessert guests will be offered fresh ‘ricotta, almond, figs and extra bitter dark chocolate’ and ‘Petit fours’.

Craving (pardon the pun) more information on the chefs behind the collaboration? And Sauterelle at the Royal Exchange? Well let me give you a little summary of Felice Sgarra. He was born in Andria Felice went on to study in Abruzzo and Roccaraso before returning to his roots. His restaurant ‘Umami’ named after the savoury ‘fifth taste’, prides itself on offering guests a refined but welcoming, innovative environment in the Andriese region, an area rich in gastronomic tradition and excellent ingredients. Felice was awarded a Michelin Star in 2014 which has been reconfirmed each year since then as a testament to his culinary genius. Felice and Stefano have a mutual passion for creating new modern European dishes influenced by their respective experiences, cultures and cuisines. Aside from Sauterelle, Stefano has worked at iconic Mayfair restaurant Quaglino’s (check out my article from last week), The Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong, and other top restaurants in Italy and Denmark.

Now for Sauterelle itself: situated on the mezzanine level of the Royal Exchange, the restaurant offers nothing less than sophisticated dining at its finest. All ingredients are sourced from the Mediterranean and Britain, with a focus on sustainable produce. Sauterelle is now offering a new modern menu inspired by the repertoire and flavours of Provence and Liguria.

In addition to the one-night only dinner menu, Sauterelle will also host a Puglian artisanal products showcase on the 14thof May, curated by Giovina Cristallo, Commercial Director at Gio Group. The showcase will feature select suppliers including Sinisi, Dono Dorato and Azienda Agricola Di Tria and it will also include a complimentary mozzarella masterclass at 4pm where guests can watch the cheese being made from scratch!

Tickets are priced at £45pp (this includes bubbles on arrival-yay) and can be purchased here: https://shop.danddlondon.com/product/collaboration-dinner-michelin-star-chef-felice-sgarra-and-the-royal-exchange/

Nearest station: Bank Tube Station

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