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I regularly use CUB to promote the latest events happening at Quaglino’s and last Sunday I was lucky enough to dine at Quaglino’s myself as part of their ‘Bury Street Soul Sundays’ sessions, which offer guests the chance to sample a three course menu whilst a live singer performs. I took my Dad along as my plus one because those of you who have me on Snapchat will know he likes to think of himself as a half decent singer. I am very proud to write that I come from a humble family, my Dad himself having grown up on a council estate, and can honestly say that I am not used to fine dining or posh nosh – so I didn’t know what to expect from Quaglino’s.

It is fair to say that the Sunday brunch at Quaglino’s was different to anything I have ever experienced before (that was after we eventually found the restaurant having walked in the complete opposite direction thanks to Google Maps!). As soon as you enter the swanky glass doors adorned with gold lettering and shapes, you are led into the reception area where the staff treat you as if you are royalty, taking off your coat and asking you how your day has been so far. You are then escorted to the top of the sweeping staircase which offers you a breath-taking view of the chandelier lit bar, which dominates the restaurant floor and exudes class and sophistication. Next you follow your reception host down the stairs that resemble something out of Cinderella’s ballroom (luckily I didn’t lose my shoe) before being seated at your immaculately presented table. My Dad and I couldn’t believe our luck when we were seated right near the front of the stage – it was as if the singer was performing exclusively for us!

But let me formally introduce the singer as ‘Dee’, for she is deserving of her own paragraph. Her voice was so soft yet powerful which ensured that she captivated the attention of all guests. Accompanied by two other musicians on the keyboard, Dee sang a varied collection of soul songs, both old and new which had every guest dancing away in their seats in between mouthfuls of food. Well in some cases, there were guests even standing up and dancing and singing along so loud that Dee pointed the microphone in their direction! The ambiance of Quaglino’s Soul Sunday sessions is one of a relaxed jamming session, bordering on a tasteful party. My Dad and I really lost ourselves in the melody of Dee’s voice and were delighted to see Dee lose herself in the music also. Her performance was both passionate and warm, she included every member of the restaurant and had everyone under her charm- even the waiters were dancing and singing along!

Just like the music, the food and service were equally exceptional. Each waiter went the extra mile to ensure guests never had a dirty table or an empty glass. I would like to give a special mention to Giovanni who served my Dad and I and even helped explain some of the posher options on the menu which we were clueless about! So now let me talk about the food itself. Having converted to the pescatarian way of life these past two months, I was worried there would not be that many options for me to choose from- but I was wrong. To start I sampled the ‘harissa and agave glazed aubergine, coconut, peanuts and pulses tabbouleh’ which was an explosion of spice and different flavours, whereas my Dad opted for the ‘Jerusalem artichokes veloute, sautéed wild mushrooms, rosemary and camembert croquette’ (mushroom soup). For the main course I tried the ‘sea bream, caramelized cauliflower, curried raisin, and coriander sour yoghurt’ which was packed full of taste given the unusual and varied ingredients. My Dad opted for the ‘Roast Herefordshire dry age beef sirloin’ which came with a Yorkshire pudding big enough to sail as a small boat as well as crispy roast potatoes. For dessert, as mutual chocoholics, my Dad and I both selected the ‘chocolate marquise, griottine’ (chocolate tart with a biscuit base) which was just divine! To wash it all down we also enjoyed bottomless Bordeaux wine (a bit different to my usual vodka and cranberry!)

Overall, I would recommend Quaglino’s ‘Bury Street Soul Sunday’ brunch to ANYONE. I already want to go again with a group of girlfriends and my Dad is booking a table for my Mum and their friends as I write this. Do not be put off by how posh it all sounds and looks, Quaglino’s does not discriminate, it makes sure that everyone feels at home and can sample quality food in an atmosphere of blissful soul music. It gives you the chance to dress up and experience something unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

The ‘Bury Street Soul Sundays’ are running until the 30thof June 2018 at Quaglino’s so I urge you to book ahead now to avoid disappointment. For more information and prices (which are reasonable considering the gourmet food and the fact the music is like what you would expect from a musical or live concert), visit:

2 thoughts on “Review of ‘Bury Street Soul Sundays’ @ Quaglino’s

  1. What a lovely thing for a young lady and her dad to do. It sounds an amazing experience all round.

  2. Oh reading this article has drawn me in as if I was there! Wonderful description of all Quaglino’s offers and I now need this experience as soon as possible.
    An occasion to look forward too!

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