“See us, hear us, feel us…boom! People are you ready? Circolombia’s in the room!” This is the catchy song that the performers begin with to create the vibrant energy that fills the theatre (it was contagious). It almost makes you feel like you have been transported to Colombia with the artists.

When you think of a circus, the first thing that comes to mind is clowns, unicycles and fire breathers, but Circolombia takes the idea of a circus to another level. From the moment that you enter the theatre, you are immersed in an authentic Colombian atmosphere. Circolombia is a combination of singing, dancing, aerial performances, ropes, rings, Russian bars, trampolines and teeterboards which are all used to create an epic performance. Evidently, Circolombia is indeed no ordinary circus! From the very start of the show, you are left sitting on the edge of your seat as the stunts and performances are both entertaining and exhilarating. The show begins with a stunt that gives you a small taste of the dangerous performances that are to follow.

One of the most amazing yet frightening parts of the show was when one of the artists balanced a metal ring on his forehead, and the female climbed to the very top of the ring and balanced herself there while the man spun the ring. The incredulity of the act left me holding my breath until she had returned to the glorious safety of the ground. Another mesmerising aspect of the performances was when one of the artists was lifted from the ground only connected to the harness from the top of his head. To top this act off, a female artist was hanging onto him using only her hands (she didn’t even have a harness on). There was a unanimous gasp of disbelief from the audience at the sheer courage of the artists.

The artists used ropes in an act called corde lisse to contort their bodies in ways that are beyond your imagination. The atmosphere in the theatre changed from moment to moment. Often there were points where there were pin drop silences as the audience anxiously waited for the artist to return to the safety of the ground. Overall, the atmosphere in the theatre was one of joy and fascination. At the very end of the show the audience stood up to give the artists a standing ovation while stamping their feet, this was their way of applauding the artists for their breath-taking performance.

The show is suitable for all ages and is definitely an incredible and unique experience. I would highly recommend this show to anyone who is looking for something exciting and a little bit different to do this summer. Circolombia is performing at the Underbelly Festival Southbank in the Belly Theatre until 14 July 2018. Book your tickets now to avoid disappointment.

Tickets are available here.

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