Louis Berry @ The Sebright Arms 11/06/18

Although he’s been busy recording his debut album, touring the UK and, of course, writing music, CUB was lucky enough to see Louis Berry as he managed to squeeze in an intimate gig at the Sebright Arms in Bethnal Green last Monday.

Despite only coming onto the scene a couple of years ago, this artist that mainly uses rock and roll, has been met with success after success: he’s performed at the historical Maida Vale, played a headline slot at London’s KOKO and recorded his debut with massive producer Jacquire King. From the very beginning of his career, the brilliance of this musician was clear: Louis managed to get a publishing deal after his very first gig, and a record deal following his second. In fact, he has spoken of never actually having a huge interest in music whilst growing up, which is why his talent and passion for what he does are undeniably innate.

He exudes confidence and his stage presence is nothing less than awe-inspiring. The cramped basement of the Sebright Arms was barely able to contain the exciting atmosphere both he and his band created. In an interview with The Guide Liverpool, he noted that he’s: ‘most at home on the stage, the bigger the better for me’, which is why it’s understandable that the Sebright Arms’ tiny stage was slightly claustrophobic for the energy coming from both Louis and the crowd. He began the show with some of his more upbeat tracks: ‘.45’, ‘She Wants Me’, followed by some more acoustic, slower tracks like ‘Laurie’. The enthusiasm and delivery, however, were equally matched in all of his songs. His hour and a bit on stage was dominated by back-to-back songs, only interrupted by some short discourses with the audience and each member of the band taking it in turns to swig from a bottle of JD.

This artist prides himself on authenticity, something that shines through hugely at his gigs. His thick, husky scouse accent certainly owed to this honest individualism, but his lyrics and musical ability also played a vital part. He has rejected the comparison many are quick to make between himself and Jake Bugg, highlighting that Bugg only co-writes some of his songs, whilst Louis is responsible for all of his own lyrics, amongst the many other artists he also writes for.

After finishing his UK tour, Louis has a lot to look forward to for the rest of 2018: performing at Rize festival in August as well as supporting Liam Gallagher in Belfast and Dublin: another one to tick off the list. Whilst we are still waiting patiently for the album recorded back in 2016, ‘Liverpool’s finest’ isn’t disappointing and is consistently bringing out new, exciting tracks for his ever-growing fan base. He has also suggested that he will be branching out of the rock and roll genre even more than his current records have, into some slower and deeper in the future. So watch this space…

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