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Looking for a sophisticated lunch accompanied by a stunning view of the London skyline? Look no further, Rainer Becker’s Oblix East restaurant at The Shard offers the perfect dining experience.

Located on the 32nd floor of The Shard, Oblix is a refined urban restaurant which is split into two spaces, Oblix West and Oblix East. These two different spaces offer two amazing views spanning over London from East to West. Oblix West offers a more sophisticated dining experience which of course, delivers views of West London. In contrast, Oblix East is a much more relaxed dining space, serving seasonal dishes and has a bar, which is famously known for their creative and mystical cocktail inventions, overlooking East of London.

My bestie and I had decided to do a fancy outing for lunch and went to the Oblix East restaurant. It was the perfect location and as soon as we reached the 32nd floor and were walking through a dark, brown hallway which was only lit up by small lamps at the side of the wall, we turned right and entered a beautiful restaurant which had an open kitchen, bar and smart tables arranged. The one thing that immediately struck me was the view. As expected from The Shard, the view was absolutely stunning. I could clearly see London’s famous landmarks such as London Bridge, London Eye and Houses of Parliament. Luckily, it was a hot, sunny day so the lighting in the restaurant was so pleasant and view was as if the whole of London was shining. The waitress approached us and directed us to a table next to the huge glass window. This was so unexpected as we were lucky to get such a perfect table.

The Oblix East restaurant serves lunch from 12pm to 3pm and has a set lunch menu. We had decided to go for the set menu of having a starter and main course which starts from £28. It’s not cheap, but as lunches with a view go, it’s up there with the best. We both ordered the same starter which was hot smoked salmon, broccoli and ratte potato salad. I was impressed by the colourful presentation and the starter was light and refreshing. Our main course had arrived just 10 minutes after we finished our starter. We went all out for our main course! For my main dish, I ordered a chicken and rosemary pot pie and my friend had ordered a sirloin steak with café de paris butter and watercress salad. We also ordered macaroni cheese as a side dish but when it arrived it looked more like a main dish! The portion size of each meal was very generous. My chicken pot pie and the macaroni cheese reminded me of home-style comfort food. As the waiter placed the hot pie dish in front me, the aroma of the rosemary literally made my mouth water and I could not wait to cut through the soft, flaky crust of the pie. All the dishes were rich in flavour –the chicken pot pie was creamy inside and the different flavours of the herbs, the chicken and the sprinkling of sea salt and crispy pancetta pieces on top blended so well together, making the overall dish very filling and flavoursome. The macaroni was also divine and had a crispy breadcrumb topping, making it the perfect texture. I would say having the pie alone is more than enough as the ‘side’ of macaroni cheese was served in such a large dish you would have thought it was a main on its own! We didn’t try the desserts but the menu mostly consisted of ice-cream combinations and cheesecakes and you cannot really go wrong with either!

Overall, the meal was very filling and satisfying. The presentation of the meal was just as expected from this restaurant and the service was brisk and came with a smile. However, if you are vegetarian, I would not recommend this restaurant as there is only one main vegetarian dish. The Shard’s Oblix restaurant is expensive and showy but I very much enjoyed my experience. The restaurant had a pleasant atmosphere and I would recommend visiting if you are looking for a fancy dining experience!

The restaurant and bar are always open but to avoid rush and getting the best table, pre-book at the Oblix Restaurant website at: Tables for drinks are allocated on a first come, first seated basis.

Nearest tube/train station: London Bridge

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