The Silver Lining: Good News

It is common knowledge that life can be pretty bleak sometimes, so why not distract yourself from exam revision, essay deadlines and personal drama by cheering up and reading some feel-good news? Despite what the headlines of Sky News, the BBC and all other major media outlets tell you, the world isn’t always doom and gloom. More often than not, spontaneous acts of kindness, amazing coincidences and just general good news are happening all of the time, right under our noses. Here are just a few examples from the past month which will definitely put a smile on your face:

Having a lie-in might help you live longer

Is there anything better than learning that a lie-in actually has health benefits? The Guardian’s science section has reported a study claiming that the detrimental effects of getting a consistently limited amount of sleep can be mitigated by having a lie in on the weekends. The researchers found that whilst getting only around five hours sleep each night may reduce your life expectancy, compared to those averaging around seven or eight hours, ensuring that you have a long lie in on the weekends to balance it all out actually negates the mortality risk. So if you’re like me and survive on about six hours sleep each week-day night, don’t feel guilty about sleeping in on the weekends- it’s actually life-saving.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle donated all their wedding décor to a London hospice

I know many of you probably aren’t royalists and perhaps resented the costly décor funded mostly by tax-payers, but you can’t deny there’s something sweet about seniors being cheered up by some beautiful donated flowers. After the royal wedding, all of the décor was donated to St Joseph’s Hospicein London and the residents were thrilled to be gifted royal bouquets of roses and forget-me-nots. The hospice vocalised their thanks with an Instagram post, in which one of the residents is shown to be smiling widely holding one of the donated bouquets. The hospice called personally thanked Harry and Meghan and called it a “lovely gesture”. What a wholesome story.

New York stock exchange finally has its first female leader

Pushing aside debates about economics and the ethics of stocks, isn’t it great that we finally have a woman in charge of Wall Street? Stacey Cunningham is its first female leader in its 226 year history. The stock market is the epitome of capitalism, as its entire institution is based on making money off of money, and this financial orientation has left it historically very male-dominated. You don’t need to watch The Wolf of Wall Street to know that the financial services sector has an extremely sexist culture. Simply thinking of Wall Street conjures up images of middle aged men in expensive suits who love drinking, gambling and strip clubs. When Cunningham first started, she was just one of around thirty women against 1,000 men. Now, a woman is the boss of thousands of stock market employees. The promotion of Cunningham to such a high ranking position within the financial sector is a sign of hope that such a masculine sector is opening up more opportunities for women.

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