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New releases to look out for from up-and-coming artists.

Check out the following artists if you are looking for something to mix up your music collection!

Whenyoung’s latest single ‘Heaven on Earth’ comes a year after the release of the Irish trio’s debut single. This track delivers a fresh indie-pop sound with electronic instrumental and Aoife Power’s edgy vocals. Aoife’s sings with a confidence and optimism that perfectly carries the oxymoron and satisfying contradictions of the lyrics. The vocals are layered on top of an upbeat yet bright beat, and the combination creates a simple but effective sound that you will be contentedly humming for days. Their music video is the perfect accompaniment, reflecting their simple style with complex undertones. The whole package of Whenyoung and their fresh sound is something to get excited about! Look out for them this summer as they’re playing at various festivals, including Bestival. In the meantime – check out their Spotify page!

Remaining on the indie vibe, Should Have Known is the new single from indie-rock band Pacific.The soft but powerful indie beat of this track hits you instantly, with a wave of energy immediately created with the beat of a drum and immediate vocals. The lyrical element of ‘Should Have Known’ creates an easy to listen to, yet very exciting sound. The vocals overlay a lively melody on the electric piano and an upbeat drum. The elements are brought together without compromise, creating an exciting explosion of indie-rock. ‘Should Have Known’ comes one year after their success with their single ‘Life in Short’, which is also worth a listen. Pacific have previously been backed by the BBC, and are certainly one to watch on the indie rock scene.

Mixing up the genre are the The Misfit Sons, with their soon to be released single Don’t Wanna Fade Away. Mark-Anthony Abel and Kaz Stoilev make up The Misfit Sons – a duo creating multicultural techno-pop. Their new single ‘Don’t Wanna Fade Away’ is due to be released on the 22ndof June – just in time for it to become a summer-time classic. The light techno beat carries the emotion of the lyrics, leading you into optimistic, emotional contemplation, whilst making you feel like you could be anywhere in the world. It makes the song perfect for the summer holiday months. The Misfit Sons’ have a quirky and fresh sound that is worth checking out if you are looking for something a little different to put a smile on your face. Catch them on their Facebook page, which can be found here.

MY2, or Murder You 2, is the debut single for British singer-songwriter TS Graye. The track is current and relevant, and layers Graye’s soulful voice over a relaxed melody, and a smooth electronic beat to mix it up a little. The combination makes the song both emotionally affecting and an exciting tune. At just 17, TS Graye is the one to watch, as she creates a sound that perfectly hits the spot for what’s hot in 2018. Be sure to look out for the EP to go alongside MY2, which is due to be released in October. TS Graye can be found on Spotify, along with Pacific and Whenyoung, or checkout her Facebook page, which can be found here.

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