Know your self-worth when in a relationship

Knowing your self-worth is an extremely unspoken thing in todays generation, especially in terms of relationships. When you find yourself in a relationship, sometimes your self-worth can take a dig and you find yourself excepting less than you normally would. You find yourself compromising, agreeing that you, in a sense, deserve less than your honestly do. Poor self-worth can lead to feeling trapped in a bad relationship which can lead to sabotaging new relationships once you have left the previous one.  Therefore, the best way to having a positive and working relationship is to know your self-worth, to not allow your partner or yourself give you any less than you deserve. A relationship should be 50/50 and if it isn’t, then self-worth can deteriorate leaving the person feeling unloved, unwanted and unable to leave the relationship.

Individuals who want a successful relationship and high self-worth should set healthy boundaries in their relationship. These boundaries allow you to prioritize your needs and emotions. You should never be made to feel guilty or pressured into doing anything, if you do not want to do something, voice your opinion. You should never be made to feel uncomfortable within a relationship and if your partner asks you to do things that you would not feel comfortable with, then do not lower your self-worth to please them. If they truly want a long-term romance with you, they will understand. If you allow yourself to be controlled by your partner than you will lose yourself within the relationship, this can therefore lead to unhealthy and toxic relationships.

Your gut instinct is your personal weapon. It will tell you straight away when you are feeling unhappy in a relationship, listen to your gut! To have strong self-worth an individual must trust their judgements and decisions rather than looking to their partner or others for guidance. If you do not feel secure within a relationship, if you feel as if you need to title what you have (as in ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’ or a wedding ring) than you do not truly, in your heart feel secure enough within that relationship. If you stress about labelling yourself and your partner, then you are demonstrating that you lack confidence within that relationship and need some sort of proof to validate it. if you constantly seek reassurance from a partner than you secretly feel unappreciated by them and the only way you can feel appreciation from them is asking for validation. This is not healthy within a relationship or for you, as an individual. If you believe that you deserve love than you will continuously look for that one individual who can provide you with the love you desire.

Individuals who know their self-worth will not stay in relationships that do not provide them with the respect and love that they deserve. Going back to the 50/50 thing, if you put one hundred percent into a relationship than you most definitely deserve one hundred percent back. If you do not feel valued, respected or appreciated than you are not receiving that equal pay back that you are giving to your partner. If you know your self-worth, you will walk away when something isn’t working out because you know that you deserve better. Therefore, if you find yourself always questioning your relationship yet never leaving it, then your self-worth is not being acknowledged.

To have a successful relationship, your self-worth must be a priority. You must never accept less than you deserve, never feel pressured to do anything you wouldn’t do off your own back, never ignore your gut feeling or seek reassurance. But finally, the most important thing to remember when in a relationship is that if you’re not happy in that certain relationship, then do not stay with that person. Self-worth is more than just loving yourself, it is making sure that you accept nothing less than you deserve and create a healthy mindset which will affect your relationships, romantic or platonic.

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