Let’s Go To The Beach

The weather has been amazing these past few weeks in England and this means that many of us have been spending long hours outside to make the most of the sunshine. Whilst staying out in the sun for long hours, we want to make sure our makeup lasts and looks fresh, as well as providing our skin with the best protection from the sun. For hot sunny days, I recommend doing a light, super easy, minimal makeup look. This makeup is perfect for the beach, as well as for everyday wear! So to see how to achieve this easy, summer makeup look, keep reading.


We’ve all heard it so many times but keeping your skin hydrated is so important! Especially when out during a hot day, we quickly feel dehydrated and that’s exactly how our skin feels. We want to make sure we satisfy our skin’s thirst for moisture and protection. To start off, you must use a moisturiser with SPF and I recommend using Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser SPF 30. This moisturizer is perfect to use on its own as well as underneath foundation. The high SPF makes this moisturizer perfect for spending long hours in the sun and great to take with you on holiday too! Moisturizers with SPF are actually an all year-round beauty essential as the suns rays can be harmful even on the most cloudiest of days. So we need to make sure we give our skin some love and protection it deserves with some much needed SPF!


For this look, I would actually not recommend foundation (I know it’s a shock!). We feel we need foundation as it is one of the most important products in order to have a smooth base so we can apply more products on top. However, for the purposes of this look, we want our skin to breathe and feel light. Also, we want to keep this look super simple and easy for the beach and even for everyday wear. So, to achieve that summer glow and bronzed look, instead of foundation, I recommend using Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow. Honestly, this product is simply amazing and truly does wonders to the appearance of your skin! It’s a face primer and gives your complexion a pick-me-up to create an effortlessly dewy look! But you don’t have to just use it as a primer, you can put this all over your face on its own for a relaxed dewy look. This shimmery liquid smooths over fine lines and imperfect skin tone, creating the illusion of a flawless complexion. Since this makeup look is all about simplicity and enhancing your natural beauty, I cannot state enough how amazing this product is and it is also so multi-functional- definitely worth a purchase! You can mix this product with your foundation or take a small amount in between your fingers and dab the Wonderglow on top of your foundation to give that instant beauty glow!

If you’re someone that doesn’t feel comfortable without foundation, after applying this Wonderglow, take your favourite concealer and blend this lightly in areas you to want to hide and correct. You can even use this Wonderglow as a shimmery base for your eyeshadow and eyebrow highlight. There are endless upon endless looks that you can create with this product.

Bronzed goddess!

Next, take any liquid bronzer, such as my favourite NARS Liquid Bronzer Laguna and begin to blend this onto the perimeters of your face such as the hallows of your cheeks and on the top of your forehead. This liquid bronzer enhances the usal areas you contour of your face, as well as adding that healthy, subtle tan to your face. Bronzing the skin during the summer looks so beautiful as it enhances your natural glow. After contouring, the fun bit comes and this is of course the highlighting! You can never highlight too much and for this look, I suggest using a liquid highlight too as this will blend easily onto the areas of your face. Dab your liquid highlighter, such as Nip+Fab Liquid Gold Highlighter Rose Gold, onto the high points of your cheeks; the bridge of your nose and underneath your brow bone for that beautiful, goddess glow. You can build up your highlighter gradually using liquids, adding more intensity depending on how much product you use. You can also add blusher at the end if you wish to and voila, your face is complete!

Oh wait, lips!

We can’t forget about the lips when doing any makeup look and honestly, the best product I can recommend is a simple lip balm! A lip balm with SPF is ideal as this will keep your lips super hydrated and protected whilst out in the sun. Take your favourite lip balm and apply this all over the lips to complete your look and you’re ready for the beach! You can use a tinted lip balm if you want to add some plump and colour to your lips instead of using a transparent one. It’s all up to your personal preference.

To make sure the makeup is set in place and add some extra hydration and glow to the skin, spritz some MAC Prep and Prime Fix+ in the scent Coconut all over your face and this will keep your makeup set and looking fresh. This is also really good to keep in your beach bag as when you’re feeling hot, you can just spray some of this mist all over your face and this will help cool you down and it smells amazing too!

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