Recipe of the Week: Egg & Turkey Sandwiches

Welcome back to my recipe column! This week I’m sharing with you a sandwich recipe that my Uncle came up with! He is a major foodie and is always creating new recipes. What I love about this sandwich is just how quick and easy it truly is, and it is perfect for those lazy days when you’re just looking for something warm, filling, yet comforting to make; and if you love turkey and eggs as much as I do, you are going to LOVE this sandwich. So lets start with the cooking process.

The ingredients you need for this sandwich are:

  • Any type of sandwich bread

  • Turkey bacon

  • A fried egg

  • Cheese

  • Mayo

Cooking Method:

The way I get my ingredients ready to be put together is in a simultaneous manner, so that it is still nice and warm by the time I eat it! So firstly, heat up your pan with some oil as you are going to cook your egg first. As this egg is going into a sandwich, you need to properly fry it on both sides so the yolk does not that to run while you’re eating it, because that will just be messy! Your fried egg should not take too long to cook, so while its in the pan, you can put your bread in the toaster. After a few minutes, take your egg out and place it on to a kitchen towel so it can soak up the excess oil. By this time your toast will be ready too, so this means its time to heat up your turkey bacon. I use four slices of turkey bacon in each sandwich. I empty an oil that is left in the pan and put on my turkey bacon slices only for a few seconds on both slides so they’re nice and toasted. Once these three ingredients are done, its time to assemble your sandwich!

Taking once slice of the toast, generously spread a layer of mayo on to it, and then follow this step by layering two slices of the turkey bacon. After this, place your egg on top. I personally love seasoning on my egg, so a little sprinkle of pepper spices things up for me, but you can skip this step. Next, put on your cheese slice on top of your egg, and as it will still be warm, the cheese will beautifully melt into a gooey blanket on it. Then, taking the other slice of toast, spread a layer of mayo on that too, following the last two slices of turkey bacon left. In this case, the mayo is acting as a glue to hold the turkey bacon on both ends of the toast together , and the cheese in the middle will also melt into a glue. Once you have placed the turkey bacon on the other toast too, join the two sides together to create one beautiful sandwich!

Lastly, you want to cut your sandwich into little triangular cubes as this way its easy to eat and also looks like a club sandwich which is always cute! Just cut diagonal on one side, and then through the other side and you’ve got yourself some scrumptiously warm sandwiches! Although I have only recently learnt this recipe, I have still managed to recreate it many times because of how delicious and easy it is! If you decide to recreate it yourself, take a picture and use the hashtag #CUBRecipies so I can see.

Happy cooking!

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