Crispy French Toast

For someone who is obsessed with breakfast foods, it’s surprising to me how there isn’t a single brekkie recipe up on my column. I am not, and have never been, a morning person so on the days I have time to wake up whenever I want, I make a yummy breakfast for myself. But judging by the time I realistically get up, it is more of a brunch than a breakfast; but that’s what I love about breakfast food, you can have it at brunch, or lunch or dinner and it never gets weird! At least not for me (I always think cereal tastes better in the evenings for example)….

So for this week’s recipe I will be sharing my crispy French toast recipe with you guys which I’ve been making for years! Its simple, quick and perfect for those days when you’re craving something sweet in the mornings. I don’t know if this applies for everyone but some days I’ll just wake up craving cake…and I’m ashamed to admit but I’m not going to lie,b I may have been guilty of having cake for breakfast one or two times; but this is more of an appropriate option, haha. So let’s begin, shall we?

The ingredients you need are:

  • Your choice of bread (I used white sandwich bread, as that is what I had on hand)
  • Two Eggs
  • Milk
  • Baking soda
  • Sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • Toppings of your choice

Cooking Method:

In a bowl, crack two eggs and whisk up them together until they are nice and fluffy. Then, add two teaspoons of sugar (you can skip this step if you don’t want to overload on sugar), cinnamon, a pinch of baking soda and milk to your eggs and mix all of that together as well. The baking soda here will ensure you end up with fluffy French toast, so its great to add it in pancakes as well! Anyway, so this is your mixture ready!

Next, carefully transfer your egg mixture to a larger plate so that you can easily soak your bread in it. Two eggs (also depending on how much milk you choose to put) should give you enough mixture for about two slices of bread. When your mixture is ready, pop your bread in it, letting each side soak for a few seconds before to put it onto the pan. While your bread soaks in the mixture, add some butter and melt it in a pan, instead of this, you can also use any kind of cooking oil to fry your bread.

So, once your butter has melted and you have let the bread sit in the mixture for a bit, pop your bread on to your frying pan and let each side cook for a few minutes. I like my French toast more on the crispier side, so I cook them until they are more on the brown side rather than the golden. Similarly, cook the other slice of bread too and you are ready to serve!

You can have it with fruit, Nutella, almond butter, whipped cream or even golden syrup! On this occasion, I decided to pop some whipped cream on top, and a spoonful of Nutella (I know its a lot of sugar, don’t judge me), with a side of fresh berries. I had strawberries and blackberries on hand this time which went perfectly with the toast. Bananas and blueberry’s go really well with French toast too!

Happy cooking! 🙂

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