Exclusive Preview: Will Young @ Quaglino’s.

My mum could hardly contain herself when I told her what I was writing about this week, or should I say ‘who’ I was writing about this week. Growing up, I had always known my Mum was a hard-core Will Young fan, in fact it was something she tried to drill into me as the lyrics to ‘Leave Right Now’ pulsated around my house, and threatened to explode my eardrums on a weekly basis. Anyway, slight side track down memory lane there…

The purpose of this article is to give you an exclusive low down on an event happening Thursday the 30thof August at Quaglino’s, St James. On this very date, the restaurant and bar is set to host Will Young, who can be formerly introduced as one of music’s most well-known and recognisable figures in British contemporary music and performing arts (turns out my Mum isn’t his only fan after all!). Will Young will dominate the stage to celebrate the last night of the ‘Q Decades’ summer series and make the climax go off with a bang at this iconic venue. For those of you that didn’t already know, ‘Q Decades’ was launched this summer to take guests on a musical journey to celebrate legendary music stars from some of the best loved-eras, through the medium of a series of exciting and intimate live performances.

Will Young initially made it big after winning Pop Idol in 2002, and more recently he has participated in Strictly Come Dancing, but for this night, he will be returning to the stage to sing classics such as: ‘Leave Right Now’, ‘All Time Love’, ‘Light My Fire’, and ‘Evergreen.’

Leslie Kwarteng, Senior General Manager at Quaglino’s, says:

“We are all thrilled to have Will on board to perform at the Q Decades closing party this year. An artist whose talent will stand the test of time, we can’t think of a better performer to bring the spirit of the last decade to Quaglino’s, and we’re expecting the evening to be an explosive end to what has been another incredible summer of music at the venue.”

As well as Will Young providing entertainment, Quaglino’s will also be providing guests with the chance to sample delicious culinary creations as well as a bespoke ‘Q Decades’ Wine List which features some of the most popular wines enjoyed at Quaglino’s since its opening. Additionally, Quaglino’s renowned bar team, including new Head Mixologist Federico Pasian, has created a drink for each era that has been celebrated throughout the ‘Q Decades’ summer series, including prohibition-style cocktails from the 20s and 30s, and a cocktail inspired by the popular 90s sitcom Absolutely Fabulous. Guests can enjoy these at the bar overlooking the stage or in the main restaurant whilst enjoying dinner and live music provided by Will Young.

For more information, visit: http://www.quaglinos-restaurant.co.uk

For bookings please contact: quaglinos@dandlondon.com or call 0207 930 6767

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