Exclusive Review of Blonde @ The Archspace

Having listened to Blonde’s new single ‘Me, Myself & I’, I knew that the duo had a great connection with the LGBT+ community, however once I had entered the Archspace last Thursday, the connection truly came to life.

The venue was filled with a variety of individuals dressed in the most beautiful attire. It was as if I had stepped back into the 80’s: men wore crop tops with velvet trousers and heels, the venue was full of extraordinary people with such character and flare which was only enhanced when the duo, Blonde stepped onto the stage. People of all ages, colours and careers were brought together to see Blonde perform and it was lovely to be a part of the diverse crowd that night which resembled Blonde’s music video for ‘Me, Myself and I’. The duo is known for their dance tunes and last night was no exception, the garage and R’n’B influence is clear to hear throughout the set making it impossible not to dance along.

The music could be heard from the end of the street as I walked towards the Archspace on Thursday. As I entered the venue, a homely vibe swept over me with the bright reds and pinks used to decorate the stage. The audience were all eagerly awaiting the duo to step onto the stage and once Blonde did appear, the crowd burst into a chorus of excitement and pure pleasure. The duo worked the stage, having a laugh with each other and the audience whilst bringing a sense of community to their set. No matter the age, colour or sexuality of the audience, every member was dancing and signing along to the set. Blonde brought the crowd together and as many of the audience that night can agree, their set was full of self-love.

The vibe of the night can only be described as club classics combined with the love and communal connection that the LGBT+ community brings wherever it goes. Blonde’s club vibes were perfect to fight the rainy and cold weather, bringing their own sunshine to the venue with their hit ‘Me, Myself and I’ which transformed the atmosphere of the night. Give this self-love hit song a listen to here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iC00kBTy6s. This song, featuring Bryn Christopher, is the next big thing since their success of their singles: ‘All Cried Out’, ‘I Loved You’ and the amazing Craig David collab: ‘Nothing Like This’. As the night came to an end, the atmosphere did not die and could still be heard as I left the venue and throughout my journey towards Haggerston train station. That was the beauty of Blonde’s gig, the crowd, by the end of the night were not strangers but rather a community of individuals brought together to enjoy Blonde’s summery deep-house vibes.

I cannot wait for the duo to perform again soon, bringing even more astounding self-love tunes especially if Blonde continue to incorporate the LGBT+ community and create such powerful music videos as ‘Me, Myself and I’.

For more information of Blonde, go to their Twitter for more content: https://twitter.com/Blondesound?lang=en

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