Redemption, Shoreditch

‘Redemption’ is defined as ‘the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil’. At first glance, it might seem like a jarring name for a restaurant, but once you have browsed the menu, it will all begin to make sense! This and the fact the eatery is located in an old chapel makes it startlingly clear. Situated in the hip and trendy area of Shoreditch, this unique establishment serves healthy and nutritious food that will leave you feeling full and cleansed, as opposed to worrying about how many calories you have consumed. You can expect to spoil your body from the inside, and also on the outside: your smile will betray your shock at how healthy food can be made heavenly (pun intended). In particular, Redemption prides itself on serving vegan, sugar-free and wheat free food as well as an alcohol-free bar. Such food choices can be explained by the question the two female entrepreneur owners asked themselves when coming up with the concept behind Redemption: ‘why should socialising always be at the expense of your health?’. The answer: it shouldn’t be!

The chic and intimate restaurant boasts of an indoor and outdoor seating area, and on the day my friend and I chose to visit, the sun bathed the patio in an exquisite, sparkling light – making the seating area all the more inviting. The interior décor is minimalistic, the gentle palette of blue, white and brown is subtle and discreet, allowing your eyes to focus on the artwork on the walls, all of which are up for sale. Other noteworthy features can be found in the bathroom; the soap used is locally sourced and organic – little touches such as these ensure Redemption stands out from its competitors, and symbolises the fact it’s ethos is rooted firmly in caring for the planet, its animals, and humans. The glowing red neon sign emblazoned with the restaurant’s name is the final stand out feature, falsely conjuring up images of a blazing hell or underworld. This impression is all wrong, in fact the super-healthy dishes spanning across menu headings such as: smoothie power bowls, toasted sunflower and flaxseed bread combos, brunch, salads, burgers, sides and sweet treats, are any foodie lover’s idea of heaven.

I opted for the ‘daily Buddha bowl’ – there is one for every day of the week – which contained 7 super-nourishing ingredients, and was packed full of flavours, textures and colours. It was a struggle to finish all of it, a sure sign of great value for money; the combination of ingredients was unlike anything I had ever experienced before, and with each bite a new taste exploded in my mouth! My friend opted for the ‘californication’ – a delicious medley of roasted sweet potatoes and red onion hash with mushrooms, kale, spinach, rosemary and lemon. Like me, she also struggled to finish the very generous portion size, and was bursting with nothing but praise. Both dishes were wholesome, fresh and packed full of punch. To wash our food down, after deliberating between coffee, herbal teas, ginger and turmeric shots, smoothies, beers and wines, we finally ordered something from the ‘fruities’ section of the menu. My friend selected ‘pure salvation’ – a delightful blend of orange, pineapple, lemon and raspberry puree. She described it as fruity, tangy and sweet. My love for ginger pushed me towards ‘heart beets’, a blend of beetroot, orange, lime, ginger and coconut water. The kick of the ginger was just right and perfectly neutralised by the lime and coconut water; hand on heart I have never tasted a drink so mouth-wateringly fresh!

All food and drink options are reasonable priced and will tantalise your taste buds. Before you leave, don’t forget to get a picture outside with the angel graffiti wings. I have included my own photo above so you know how to pose!

Address: 320 Old Street, London, EC1V 9DR

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 12pm-10:30pm, Saturday: 10am – 10:30pm, Sunday: 10am – 5pm

For more information, visit:

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