Women masturbate too. Shocker!

Heath benefits of, and Big mouth’s positive look on, ‘self-pleasure.’

Masturbation has been used throughout the media as a comedy element for many years, especially male masturbation. Therefore, it has become the norm for men to talk about their self-pleasure, or for the media to speak openly about male masturbation, yet many people forget, or choose to ignore the fact that women masturbate too! What a shocker right?

Many of my friends deny masturbating, saying that it is ‘gross’ or ‘weird’, however masturbation has real health benefits for the body as well as feeling great! Pleasing yourself before you go to bed can help you sleep, relax your body and relieve stress. Masturbation can also make you happier and this is because orgasms release the endorphins dopamine and oxytocin, which increase happy moods and create a natural high.

Masturbation can also increase your self -love, allowing you to get to know your body more and become comfortable with it. As a woman, we endure some self-hate towards our bodies due to periods, pregnancy, weight loss or gain, stretch marks and other medical problems. However, masturbation allows you to please your body, to feel better about yourself from the inside out, and maybe you can learn to love yourself more with the help of your right or left hand! Masturbation also tackles those self-hating problems I mentioned earlier such as body aches and menstrual pain. Masturbating can help your menstrual blood flow or begin your blood flow as it relaxes your body. Many doctors even suggest masturbating whilst on your period as it can stop stomach cramps even better than a heating pad can!

This topic came to mind when watching the Netflix show ‘Big Mouth’ which showed a young female character discovered self-pleasure in a positive light in the episode ‘Girls get horny too!’. Check out the following link to get an idea for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=8&v=rFU1hoyAYlk . The use of comedy and animation made the episode less awkward to watch and even made me chuckle as it reminded me of my own experiences. Watching this episode of ‘Big Mouth’ inspired this piece as women can be very conservative on speaking about their bodies relating to sex or self-pleasure and sometimes women are left out of the conversation in terms of masturbation. ‘Big Mouth’ influences young girls to explore their body, and projects the theme of positivity around masturbation both for women and men.

In all honesty, masturbation can be a little awkward at first, it can feel ‘gross’ as you haven’t explored that part of your body but ladies, listen up: it is perfectly normal and healthy to do it! just because the media doesn’t demonstrate female masturbation as widely as it distributes male masturbation doesn’t mean that women cannot, or should not, self-please themselves. It has health benefits, mood benefits and overall is just amazing!

I would recommend watching ‘Big Mouth’ on Netflix if you feel shy about masturbation or sex in general. The show shows puberty, sex and masturbation in a comedic presentation; however, it does show all these elements in positive lights, showing viewers that we all go through these awkward moments in life but should embrace them and explore our bodies. Ladies, embrace your bodies and make yourself feel good because at the end of the day, if you do not love yourself how can anyone else?

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