Style: The Colours of Autumn

The days are slowly getting cooler, shorter and busier. Its official folks, summer is coming to an end. Brace yourselves as we await the inclement weather, cold hands and, if you’re from London, the wrapping and unwrapping of scarves as people come and go on the tube. The official autumnal colours of amber and copper are already peeking out through the late-summer green vitality of the trees. The shops on the high streets are in full stock of autumn clothing in preparation for the coming season. Yes, the fall/winter season is fast approaching.

Fear not, though, for as autumn approaches so does the new Season’s style. Inspired by global street style, the Fashion Weeks of the last month, and my own stylistic opinion, folks, I present to you the looks to unleash this autumn/winter.

Autumn isn’t Autumn without the dark muted colours (which I personally love), such as dark greens and burgundies- the classic fall colours. Pair some wide legged brown/copper checked trousers with gentle grey tones (even some tweed trousers) and a burgundy turtle neck. Layer a loose brown shirt over the turtle neck, then add an oversized coffee-coloured coat. Tie it all together with some Oxblood Dr Martens and you’ve snatched yourself a look! My favourite DMs to either pair this outfit with or take shoe inspiration from are the Dr Martens Henton Ghillie shoes in oxblood.

Find them here on the Dr Martens website:

So, you’ve already worn the trousers of your suit, but you feel like you’ve neglected the jacket. Suits come as an item but, if you break it into separate items, you could discover a groundbreakingly cool look. Those tweed trousers you wore for the aforementioned look? Yeah, take the matching blazer off the hanger. And take that baggy mustard hoodie off the chair. Add some grey balloon trousers and a hat of your choosing (my special pick would either be a baseball cap or a fisherman beanie). This type of naturally suave look is enriched by designer Alexandre Mattiussi’s Ami Paris; his Men’s Fall Collection 2018 showcased an array of very cool, suave and classic looks centering the style of this show around timeless Parisian natural allure. Check out his website below for some ideas:

Autumn is the most opportune season to give a dark outfit a flare of colour, or to wear the dark colours of the spectrum that get little appreciation except solely in this season. However, it cannot be denied that monochrome is one of the best trends ever. I love turtle necks, so here we go again, another turtle neck. Needless to say this time it’s black. Imagine, walking through a thrift shop and finding a shirt that’s just got ‘dark, mysterious and incredibly funky’ written all over it, and by ‘that shirt’ I mean an oversized, silk, black shirt layered over the turtle neck… Groovy.  And then, you see some black and white pinstripe trousers on the next rail over. This look is coming together quite well. Now just pair it with some black and white logo tube socks, some black and white vans or maybe some converse. Top it all off with a couple of silver chains and a black puffer jacket which would be even better if it was corduroy. Head on over to the Urban Outfitters website to check out some puffer jackets:

I’d recommend wearing a fisherman beanie with this look too because, well, you can’t start something and not drive it through to the end. Don’t just experiment with colours but try to be an experimentalist with fabrics as well. Take inspiration from autumn leaves and layer warm, muted patterns and colours over each other to create signature fall/winter looks.


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