Exclusive Review: Sigma @ Electric Brixton

You may already be familiar with big drum & bass hits such as Anywhere or Nobody to Love from Sigma. On 6th October, Cub Music had the opportunity to see this successful duo in Electric Brixton, London at the Road to Top 100 DJ’s event presented by Lock N Loads. Sigma delivered an exhilarating and energetic show, creating an exhilarating atmosphere for memorable night.

This successful duo consists of Cameron Edward and Joseph Lenzie: whom together have broken the international charts and made a lasting impression in the drum & bass scene. The two friends started their adventure at Leeds University back in 2006 where they made their way up through the underground music scene, shaping a sound which caught the attention of some of the biggest record labels like DJ Fresh’s ‘Breakbeat Kaos’. By 2008, they had already set up their own label – ‘Life Recordings’, which gave them more creative freedom and individuality as artists.

In 2010 Sigma began to enjoy some great success and popularity after collaborating with DJ Fresh, and by 2012 the pair were spreading their sound on their first global tour. Their music took a new turn with the Rusko Remix – Somebody to Love, which received an incredible response from dedicated fans all over the world. Since then, they’ve stayed true to their music genre whilst continuing to secure collaborations with big artists such as Ellie Goulding, Paloma Faith, Tinie Tempah, Birdy, Take That, and Labrinth.

But more recently, they’ve come back to British soil to give us a taste of some of their successes. If you’ve never been to Electric Brixton you should definitely put this venue on your party list. Dating back to 1913, the venue was initially used a cinema, then a live music venue and now it has been transformed into a unique nightclub. One recommendation: be prepared for a tough crowd, a packed venue and long queues for the bar and bathroom.

The event started at 10PM with a couple of special DJ’s guests: Lucas Maverick, James Hype, Jaded and Jack Francis delivered exceptional sets which thoroughly warmed up the crowd ahead of Sigma’s arrival. At around 2AM the famous drum & bass duo forcefully entered the stage: ready to deliver the crowd the dynamic show they were waiting for. They played their greatest tracks: Anywhere, Find Me and Nobody to Love, but and also mixed them with new material which excited and surprised the crowd.

Sigma got lost in the atmosphere along with the public and by the end of the set an audience member had even made their way onto the stage in order to continue the dancing party. No one seemed to mind the incident that much, as everyone was just joining together as a community and enjoying their night to the maximum. The whole set came to an end around 4:30AM, even though people were definitely still asking for more tunes. But, sadly, the show had to finish at some point.

If you’re not already convinced into attending a Sigma gig in the near future, go get your party shoes on because this music duo promises an insane night! Their newest 2018 single Anywhere is already in the Top 100 UK Singles Chart, and rumour also has it that Sigma is preparing a new album which is soon to be released, so keep your eyes-peeled. It will be interesting to see whether or not the duo will continue on the more pop-oriented tunes or revert back to their heavier drum & bass style. Or does their current success even give Sigma the opportunity to introduce some of their new mainstream fan base to some of their more experimental bassline?

For more information on Sigma, you can check their official page http://www.sigmahq.com/ or follow them on twitter at https://twitter.com/sigmahq.

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