Kavanaugh and women’s reproductive rights

Protests against Brett Kavanaugh in Chicago - by Charles Edward Miller

Protesters against Brett Kavanaugh – by Laurie Shaull

For once in his presidency, President Trump delivered on one of his promises by nominating a pro-life candidate, Brett Kavanaugh, for a seat on the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh is a very religious and conservative man, who will pose a serious threat to women’s rights if he gets elected. Indeed, he will gravely threaten women’s health and hard earned reproductive rights. His stance on abortion, and his past record on cases regarding it are pretty telling, and reveal how devastating it would be if he gets confirmed as the new SCOTUS.

Let’s look at one case in particular, which is also the one that has gained the most media coverage and public outrage. Last year, a 17-year-old undocumented immigrant sought an abortion. Kavanaugh opposed the procedure and refused the to let the US government be ‘complicit’ in a choice that he sees as amoral and wrong. In doing so, he not only denied the girl’s constitutional right to get an abortion, but he also decided to put his values before the health of a young woman. Pregnancy and child birth at that ages are extremely risky, and have big chances to prove fatal. So, even if he never publicly supported the overturn of Roe vs Wade, it is now clear that Kavanaugh could be a serious threat to it.

It is then not surprising that this nomination has caused outrage throughout the nation and has sparked a wave of anxiety in women. There has been a huge rise in the demand for IUDs after Trump announced his pick. Women have been scared of losing their rights to access to contraception, and to control over their own bodies.

Protests against Kavanaugh – by Becker1999

More importantly, by denying women’s rights to abortion, women’s health in general would be seriously threatened; by forcing them to turn to illegal, unsafe and unclean abortion techniques.

The political game that Trump is playing with this nomination would have decades’ worth of terrible consequences, leading to a roll-back in women’s rights. This is also an example of how America and its Conservative party are still incredibly behind in terms of gender equality. It is hard to understand how one of the wealthiest countries on earth, who calls itself the leader of the free world, is still at a stage where it is denying women’s basic rights over their own bodies. More importantly, it is still actively attempting to control their lives; even if it means putting them on the line, so that a small elite of old white men can hold on to their power, and dominate and oppress women. It is even sadder to consider the fact that in the near future, and already now in certain states, it will be easier for US citizens to purchase a gun than to get an abortion; because apparently, gun rights matter more than women’s rights for the Conservatives and their lobbyists.

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