MUSE – An introduction

= M U S E =

What MUSE is:

Muse is a platform for anybody who is a girl, or identifies as one, at QMUL. No matter your race, religion, sexual orientation, or nationality, Muse is a place for female students to express themselves freely and without any obstacles. It is composed by a female team of editors and contributors, but would hope to reach everyone in the student community.

Why we started it:

We started it because we wanted to give a voice to female students and get them involved in student media.

What kind of articles are expected:

Our goal is to showcase female talent and creativity, and promote female perspective. We want it to be unique, and be an explosive mix produced by the dynamic and diverse female students of QMUL. Every idea will be considered and welcomed, so the articles will range from politics, to culture, arts and lifestyle. It can also be a platform for you to publish your prose, illustrations or photography you want to share. Again, as long as it is contributed by anybody identifying as a woman, anything will go as we do not want to impose any restrictions on creativity, as long as it is respectful of course.

Our aim going forward:

We want to provide a great outlet for girls at QMUL where they can express themselves freely and support each other. Have a space where every voice is heard, creativity and collaboration are encouraged, and talent is unleashed.

Don’t forget to check out our section on C.U.B’s website and in the print edition – and send your articles/projects to:

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