ABQ – The Molecular Cocktail Bar

Calling all Breaking Bad lovers! This experience is a must! ABQ is a quirky molecular cocktail bar based in Hackney. From the moment you enter the door, you are submerged into the world of Breaking Bad. Standing in front of you is an RV which is where the cocktail making classes are held. As you enter the RV, you are handed a yellow hazmat suit alongside goggles which are first and foremost for safety, but they truly make the experience more authentic and realistic.

Inside the RV, there are a few tables lined up and each table has a variety of scientific equipment ready for your cocktail making class. The members of the team greeted us as soon as we walked in, they were chatty and friendly which made us feel incredibly relaxed and welcome. We were given our welcome drinks which were served in conical flasks. These looked tantalising and they tasted sensational with a deliciously fruity blend of sweet and sour flavours. After tasting this first drink my friends and I were buzzing with excitement and were eager to try the range of cocktails that they had on offer.

The bartenders allow you to choose from the selection of cocktails. We opted for: Wendy Martini which was the equivalent of a pornstar martini (My favourite cocktail! EVER!!!), CRT Fix which was a mix of gin, cucumber, elderflower, lime and mint, Hit and Wake which was a tequila-based espresso martini, Choco Sky which was a concoction of rum, bourbon, pineapple and agave syrup and, last but not least, Blow which was the strongest and most interesting of all the drinks. It is created with vodka, Cointreau, rose water and butterfly tea. This drink required you to slurp a line of icing sugar and then take a sip of the cocktail to create a surreal taste. Each of the cocktails is pre-made for you and then you’re handed an instruction guide which tells you how to complete and carry out the molecular components of the cocktail such as using dry ice to infuse a range of flavours into the drink or creating different flavours of foam to top the cocktails. We used scientific equipment such as pipettes, syringes, beakers, flasks and scoops to measure our ingredients and to create our masterpieces.

In the Wendy Martini, we used the beakers and the dry ice to infuse the vanilla taste into the drink before using a small mechanism which created the sweet and delectable white chocolate foam that glazed the top of the martini. The Wendy Martini made drinks for two people, so we decided to get four of them and this, of course, resulted in some friendly competition to see who could make the best martini. Now I am totally not being biased, but I think my team won!

Overall, all the drinks we had were remarkable. They all had their distinctive flavours and spectacular molecular effects that were created by us. The whole atmosphere is astounding, you almost feel like you are in Breaking Bad! You truly feel like a scientist. If you like The Alchemist, this experience is perfect for you because instead of the bartenders creating the effects and illusions, you are given the opportunity to do so yourself. After you finish your class you do not need to rush off because just behind the RV, there is a cute little bar where you are able to relax and enjoy some more drinks.

Address: 18 Bohemia Place, London, E8 1DU

Closest Stations: Hackney Central, Hackney Downs and Homerton (Overground)

Opening Hours: Mon: Closed, Tue – Fri: 5pm – 12am, Sat: 3pm – 12am, Sun: 3pm – 10pm

For more information, visit: https://abqlondon.com/abq-london

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