Awkward Sexual Moments – Part 2.

No matter how many times you have sex there will always be awkward moments that either kill the mood or send you and your partner into hysterics, and no matter how many articles I write on it, sexual moments are my favourite moments to talk about! If its with a long-time partner or a new flame, these moments happen to everyone at any given time and can cause some insecurities. But I’ll say it again for the ladies and gentlemen in the back, IT IS PERFECTLY NORMAL! Here are some examples of awkward sexual moments and some ways to overcome the anxiety that goes along with them.

Sometimes we get adventurous in bed and in the moment, we will try anything – including new positions suggested by our partner! However, sometimes the positions which feel great for them, will be extremely uncomfortable for you. Sometimes, it is best to leave the positions in the Kama Sutra and stick to what you find most comfortable and pleasurable! Perhaps your leg is not meant to bend that far back…This leads onto the next awkward scenario that I think most girls (and guys) have been in… when your orgasm just isn’t having any of it! Sometimes, no matter how amazing the sex is, how great your partner is, you just cannot reach that orgasm and unfortunately, that is normal! Sometimes, you just must look into your partners eyes and say, ‘you can tap out at any time.’

Giggling is a huge part of sex in my opinion. Being able to laugh with your partner during sex shows your comfortability with each other. However, sometimes the giggles happen in the most awkward moments like when your partners hair gets stuck on your nose piercing or when you try to undress each other and just fail at undoing buttons (Side note: WHY ARE BUTTONS SO HARD TO UNDO IN THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT?) the best piece of advice I can give is to get the giggling out of the way and carry on, otherwise you will be half way through sex and that image will pop back into your head causing another awkward giggling fest.

This is a more serious awkward moment, the unexpected pain moments! There are times during sex that your body just throws in the towel, sometimes you get pains or cramps, and, in those moments, you need to stop. This is normal, of course, as you have tensed up during sex and the minute that you relax, your body goes into shock and cramps. We have all been there, begging our partner to hold their leg as it cramps up and crying in pain but also laughter… Tip: keep something sugary near you because during those cramp moments, an energy drink can save the day!

Whenever these moments happen and many others, there are some things to remember: have a sense of humour, sex is hilarious and sometimes giggling about it together brings you closer as a couple. Another reminder, go easy on yourself! We aren’t all porn stars who know the ins and outs of sex!  We cannot be all clean, shaven and polished 24/7 but that’s okay because we are human, and sex isn’t meant to be as it is represented in porn or the movies. Messy, playful and awkward sex can be the best sex! Enjoy the awkward moments as those are the bits you’ll remember the most and talk about with your partner for years to come! Keep being awkward!

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