Catcall – a poem about the objectification of women.

Something a bit different this week, I would like to share one of my personal poems with you, titled Catcall. A catcall is defined as a loud whistle or a comment of a sexual nature made by a man to a passing woman. 

When I walk down the street at night I see

the way you look at me,

like I’m some kind of property

you want to own. I’m all alone

and you’re on the hunt.

And I can hear your words, I’m a ‘stupid c***’

for running just to get away- I wouldn’t run if I had a say.

But what choice do I have?

Do I give you your ‘smile’ even though it feels vile on my lips?

Is that a risk that I’m willing to take?

Because what if you take

it as an invitation?

If I act like it’s fine, grit my teeth and be kind,

you’ll think you’re getting in my pants.

Can I take that kind of chance?

I live in a world where eye contact means consent

And even though I’m weary the danger won’t relent

So what am I left to do?

All I have left is to try to hide from you.

And I know that you know.

We’ve been saying this forever

and even though you never listen

I know you hear me.

Because while your hateful watching eyes

can stare hungrily at my thighs

they can never meet mine.

Are you afraid of what you’d find?

Afraid to put a face on that the body you harass

to know the pain that you inspire?

and maybe you’re brain can’t be rewired

but I’m tired.

I’m done being backed against a dirty wall

I’m done being your f****** barbie doll.

I’m done with your catcalls.

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