Exclusive Review: Brooke Law @ Century Club, Soho.

When: 9/11/2018

Where: Century Club, Soho

Who: Brooke Law

On a gloomy evening on the 9th of November, people were waiting eagerly to see Brooke Law perform in Soho’s intimate “Century Club”. Brooke Law is a singer and songwriter from North London. From the very second Brooke Law and her band, consisting of two guitarists and a drummer, took to the stage, the attention of every person in the room was captivated by her. Brooke Law stands out through her eclectic style of music which is reflected in her eccentric style; the night of the gig, Law had adorned herself in a hippy chic mix of orange and leopard print.  Moving rhythmically to the strong beats and shaking her thick, curly hair, her rich, smoky voice filled the room. Her multi-ethnic background is not only evident in her style, but above all in her style of music. Through her mix of pop, R&B and Asian beats, her music sound fresh, exciting and up-to-date with today’s changing times. You would fail if you attempted to categorize or compartmentalize Brooke Law’s distinct sound as conforming to just one genre.  And that is exactly what makes her so different.

In the same way that Brooke Law’s style of music is so diverse, so are the topics she touches upon in her songs. In her first EP, “Archetypes”, she explores in four songs the multidimensional nature of womanhood today. Law shows that a woman is never just one type but stays true to the fact that women are complex beings with diverse facades. The first song that she performed was ‘See Ya Later’ – a track she described as being about meeting someone great but never hearing back from them (which we’ve all experienced right? Either personally or through a friend). In her song ‘Don’t say its love’, she explores the joys of a young romance and taking things slow. In ‘Fight Like a Lover’, Brooke expresses the fierce and nurturing side of women. Her song ‘Hidden’ is a tribute to all the women in her family, but also to all the women who stand up for themselves and fight against the injustice inflicted on their sex. While never overtly political, the topics Brooke Law explores are not only a great contribution to the world of music through her unique style, but also empowering as they urge people to accept themselves in their whole complexity. Even if some parts may seem contradictory. In this way, her songs take on a universal dimension and speak to the hearts and minds of many people.

Her authentic performance was full of passion and it is truly empowering to see a young woman talk so unapologetically and confidently about the complicated experience of womanhood in the Western world today.  On the 9th of November, the audience got to experience a few of the different facades that Brooke Law as a performer, and her music, have to offer. This EP, thrilling in its music and so relevant and important in its theme, only makes one excited to hear more of Brooke Law. Watch this space.

For more information about Brooke Law and her music, visit: https://www.brookelaw.co.uk/

Listen to her song ‘Don’t Say It’s Love’ here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3ENl49ppps

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