How Kanye Functions.

I’ve been spending half a month wrapping my head around Kanye West and our hypocritical champagne socialist media complex and then he went and decided to become apolitical out of the blue. Well, not quite out of the blue – he got caught up in a ‘BLEXIT’ campaign just before the November midterms.  I had started writing this article weeks ago and then in light of this, I had to start from scratch.

For the past year Kanye has been the subject of spectacle for main stream media. Called ‘traitor’ by the left, ‘our guy’ by the alt right. What disappointed me the most was the reaction of his celebrity ‘friends’. Either disowning him via an unfollow or completely dismissing his arguments by advising him to get a shrink or take his pills. Chris Evans wordy tweet is the most intelligentsia response of them all.

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Yes, let these millionaire liberals denounce mogul Trump and prop up the democratic party…only in tweets of course. I’m sure they pay their taxes. I’m sure their Fiji bottles are filled with flint water. Elle magazine decided to capitalise on the Ye controversy by duping readers into registering for vote by tweeting a clickbait Kim X Kanye break up story. Do you really think Elle magazine cares about electoral roll out when it’s just a giant advertisement for corrupt retailers who either run sweat shops or produce luxury goods for the 1%? (if I ever end up applying for an internship at Elle I apologise for future me.)

Why has Kanye become the butt of a joke for the media? It’s mostly the 400 years of slavery was a choice statement but there’s a little more to it than that.

Kanye embodies the cognitive function of introverted feeling. The cognitive functions are a series of mental processes within a person’s psyche. There are 8 functions in total – being introverted or extroverted versions of feeling, thinking, intuition or sensing. These functions are closely linked to the Myers Briggs 16 personality types. If you weren’t forced to take the 16-type test in form room/RE class, then it’s basically a horoscope that’s scientific. If you want to procrastinate for 20 mins then take the test for free.

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Of the 16 personality types 2 have introverted feeling as the dominant function. Those being INFP/the mediator type and ISFP/the adventurer type. Introverted Feeling is a function where the individual makes decisions based on their personal value system. I’ve been digging through personality type forums (yes, they exist) speculating on Kanye’s type and reddit (a credible source) is saying he’s an ISFP type.  What is certain is that he exhibits behaviours that are both introverted but also dominant.

Introverted feeling is the least understood function and it’s the hardest to obverse. When we do see this function in action it is usually when the person’s belief systems are being compromised. They become defensive and this behaviour can be seen as egotistical and irrational. Hence the entertaining rants on talk show interviews and awkward monologues on stage. Has anyone asked why his belief system was compromised? For the past two years the media has pushed Kanye away to the point where he’s having a meeting with Trump monologuing his maga hat made him feel like a superhero.

The opposite of introverted feeling is extroverted thinking.  people with extraverted thinking as their dominant function make decisions based on objective facts and set aside personal experience and emotions. They make ideal politicians and organisers as they create realistic goals and put plans into action.

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Kanye defies all logic. In his white house monologue, he says: “So there’s a theory that – there’s infinite amounts of universe and there’s an alternate universe so it’s very important for me to get [Larry] Hoover out, because in an alternate universe, I am him and I have to go and get him free.” He’s so in touch with his internal world that he connects to scenarios imagined in his head, leading him to be out of touch with reality.  He uses his privileged experience as an African American and applies the American dream to all.

All micro-societies will use extraverted thinking to organise themselves – be it the left, right or the media. Because Kanye embodies the opposite, by individualistically defying logic, these micro societies will reject him. You can decide if that’s a good or bad thing. I watched Russel Brand’s take on Kanye and I like his interpretation that mainstream society is rejecting what Kanye is doing because some of his actions are new way of thinking about politics. But in the current social climate, unless Kanye goes through a dramatic personality change I find it unlikely that he will become president 2020.

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