How To Cope With Being Single When All Your Friends Are In Relationships.

Your social media feeds are blocked up by an endless traffic of your friends’ loved up selfies. The very sight of them either makes you want to be sick, or to ugly cry in your pyjamas (snot running down your face, red blotches – the full works). You have never been more aware of the fact that you are single. If you are the only singleton in your friendship group, you might feel like you are losing all of your friends to their other halves, and losing part of yourself in the process. But fear not, below is a list of ways how to cope with being single when all of your friends are in relationships.

Don’t believe social media.

Social media can be very deceiving. Your friends will only post the most envy inducing pictures of the highs of their relationships rather than the lows. You know as their true friend that 5 minutes before they just posted a pic of their other half kissing them, they had just had a massive argument and nearly broke up. So don’t think your friends’ relationships are perfect or something to be jealous about based on the pictures they post on social media. In fact, have a social media cleanse so you can stop comparing your single life to the lives of your friends in relationships. This will definitely help you cope.

Think of how stress free your life is compared to theirs.

Okay so at the risk of sounding bitter, my former single self used to relish in the fact that my life was so stress free compared to my friends who were in relationships. I didn’t have to put up with constant messaging to see where I was, who I was with and what time I would be coming home. Savour your freedom and the fact that you don’t have to answer to anybody, or argue with anybody. Relationships can be toxic if partners spend too much time together so be satisfied with all the YOU time you can have. Use this time to make yourself the perfect catch for when the right person does come along.

Propose friends only outings.

Yeah its great if you get on with all your friends’ partners but there is only so long you can handle being the third or fourth wheel. Your friends will love your company just as much as you love theirs so make a concentrated effort to arrange a girls or boys’ day or night out every week or fortnight. Also make sure you specify that their partners are not welcome – your friends will not get offended, in fact they will probably love having some time away from their partner to let loose a bit.

Be patient, not desperate.

Leading on from the above points, don’t succumb to pressure and lower your standards when it comes to getting in a relationship yourself. Just because all your friends are in relationships, it doesn’t mean that you have to rush to be in one too. In fact, my male friends have told me that independence is the trait that they find sexiest in a potential partner. So slow down. Take your time. Your Prince Charming will come and sweep you off your feet when the time is right. Also don’t allow your friends to set you up on any dates with their partners’ friends if you are not comfortable with this. Find your own way to love.


Chances are, you are not the only single person out of all the people you know. Sure your closest friends and inner circle might all be in a relationship but what about the other friends that you aren’t as close with, or who you have lost contact with over the years? Use your mutual single statuses as motivation to reconnect with these friends and build new friendships where love is not the only subject of conversation!

Do you have any more tips for how to cope with being single when all your friends are in relationships? If so, then add them to the comment section below.

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