Personal Platform: A Trio Of Poems.

“Student Jobs”

You blink once and you’re

Already saying goodbyes,

Leaving your badge,

Having your last free beer,

Walking away from the job

You thought you hated –

And here you are

With your heart aching.



Empty rooms, only memories remain

Shadows from before now lost in time

I will not stay even if I could

I am leaving now, this time for good

Home, I called you for many years

Inside, I loved, laughed and cried many tears

Learned some, forgot more, had many firsts

I am leaving now, it’s my hurt that hurts

Shallow is what used to be bright

Dull the feelings that used to be light

New desires draw me away

I am leaving now, I can no longer stay.


“Composed upon reading Picasso

The thing she does, and she does

the thing she does quite well

to be frank, and frank as she

is what I am trying to be,

the thing she does is being clear

by being unclear.

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