Review of Jonas Blue @ Tape, London.

Date of exclusive album review: 11/10/2018

Making my way down the stairs of ‘Tape Club’ in Mayfair was an unusual experience in the sobering light of day, nonetheless, there was a throb of excitement charging the air- I was about to meet Jonas Blue. Once in the basement, I was greeted with a cocktail; the ice in my mojito knocked against my glass as I took in the suitably blue lighting. Jonas Blue’s ‘Rise’ was drifting from the speakers and an array of people from all walks of life were clustered enjoying the music.

When I was in the queue to get into Tape, I overheard a stylish lady with her daughter telling the bouncer, “I’m Jonas’ mother and this is his sister.” Once I got into the club and spotted them, I knew I couldn’t miss this incredible opportunity to introduce myself. I was struck by their humility and warmth, I could see a genuine smile as they hugged me as though we were long separated friends. I asked them if the excitement of seeing him perform ever left and his mother, Melissa grinned: “I’ve been at every one of his gigs and seeing how far he’s come is amazing! He’s so busy but he always makes time to see his family and fans when he can.” His mother’s words are a true testament to Jonas’ good nature and it was lovely to see how bubbly and real the family of a globally renowned star are. By the end of our chat I had promised to send her a copy of this article (no pressure).

Back to Jonas, his achievements speak for themselves, nominated for 4 Brit awards, he’s sold more than 30 billion singles globally, and has surpassed 5 billion audio and video streams… Everyone is familiar with his amazing multi-platinum selling debut ‘Fast Car;’ from this point onwards his career fire worked and his second single ‘Perfect Strangers’ became another smash hit.

The thing about Jonas Blue is, he’s kind of a big deal.  In case you didn’t already know. Surprisingly, his image and face on the whole are quite elusive, with not many people knowing what he looks like. Seeing and speaking to Jonas for the first time I was struck by how seamlessly he blended in with the crowd. He circulated the club, warmly greeting each and every member there. In spite of his achievements, his presence carries a rare modesty which only strengthens his charisma. Perhaps what’s most striking is how dazzlingly down to earth he is. He has an electric presence made only stronger by his ease of manner, growing bashful when any mention of his status was made, referring to it all as ‘absolutely crazy and a lot of hard work.’ During his audience speech his voice shook slightly, and he blushed with an endearing humanity. He thanked the ‘incredible artists’ he has collaborated with, describing the album as ‘three years in the making… it hasn’t been easy.’ His honesty and grace were astounding, amongst his thanks for the audience and appreciation for getting where he has, he had to be reminded to state the release date of his album by Melissa. I can safely conclude there’s nothing you couldn’t like about Jonas.

It’s easy to get carried away with singing his songs, or his praises, but before I get carried away, everyone should mark in their calendars the release date of his next album- Friday 9th November. I cannot wait for you all to hear the incredible songs I was lucky enough to hear first!

Having set the bar so high with his previous hits, it’s hard to imagine anything else being so amazing, but having heard his next single ‘Polaroid’ with Liam Payne I can confirm it only gets better. His voice has a delicious silken quality that you just want to wrap yourself in and dance like no-one is watching. It gives you a natural high, until you can’t hold yourself back from singing (publically and terribly) we’re gonna ri-ri-rise till we fall. All together now… 😉

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