Why Working with Kids is the Best Student Job.

Finding the right part time job while studying at Uni can be challenging. While there may be plenty of jobs out there, finding one that fits around your Uni schedule- and is not too stressful- can be hard. Just under a year ago, I started to work as an After-School Nanny, and have since worked with three families and eight kids. The hours were short, and the finishing times were early- so in that respect it was great to maintain a social life and not be too exhausted. It’s been a fantastic job, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to earn some extra cash at Uni. Here are some of main reasons why I personally think looking after kids is the best student job out there. 

  1. It’s fun! 

    Children are funny- they naturally say and do funny things. Whether it be making silly sounds or telling embarrassing stories about their parents, they’re bound to make you laugh. One of the funniest things recently was a child thinking Theresa May was a singer who wrote the song, ‘Great Balls of Fire’ (though I’m not sure if it was intentionally metaphorical).  

  2. You can play games and be silly. 

    Working with kids brings out your inner child, making you dance around and sing Disney songs (or you’ll end up dressing up as a pirate for an hour while chasing the “knights” up the stairs.) You may also watch strange TV shows and realise how much better TV was when you were five. ‘Oh my, hasn’t it gone downhill?’ You’ll think, as you listen to the ‘Teen Titans Go’ theme tune for the hundredth time.  

  3. When they get angry or rude you can tell them off. 

    Whether you’re giving them a time-out or threatening to tell Mummy that they were being naughty, they will have no choice but to be nice again, and you don’t have to pretend they’re right. After working in customer service, it’s refreshing to work in an environment where if someone is rude to you, they can be corrected and told off- and not result in you being told you’re incompetent for not being perfect.  

  4. They will draw and write you cards and letters. 

    I can’t count how many pictures of myself have drawn by a four-year-old- all I know is that I feel happy to have someone who appreciates me enough to replicate my face… even if it is in crayon.  

  5. You will be hugged and complimented. 

    Being hugged is an appreciative feeling, and when after a long day a child gives you a hug and tells you they look forward to seeing you again, it can make all the difference. Of course, kids can be mean as well (they do tell you how it is) however it is rarely ever something they truly mean. Children want you to like them, and if they like you in return, they’ll compliment you on your shirt or nail vanish- no matter how much effort (or little of it) you put into your appearance. 

And there you have it, five reasons why working with kids is great. It’s not for everyone of course, I’ve had friends tell me they couldn’t do it. But if you think you may be up for it, and think it’s something well suited to you, go for it! There are plenty of job websites and companies that advertise Student nanny jobs, so definitely browse the web for them. And hopefully, you’ll have kids as great as the ones I’ve worked with.

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