@AccidentallyWesAnderson – the Insta account you NEED to follow.

Photo Credit: https://www.instagram.com/accidentallywesanderson/

If you’ve ever had a moment where you’ve stopped what you’re doing – walking aggressively down the street to the beat of Seven Nation Army, eating your eggs at what was supposed to be breakfast – and looked at a still, vibrant scene that could convince you that you were the only being left on the planet if you stared at it for another 20 seconds? The feeling shares the same uneasiness of déjà vu but doesn’t elicit any memory recall. Instead of drawing a blank while thinking has this happened before? you’re thinking where have I seen this before?

I hate to say this. But there’s an Instagram account for that. @AccidentallyWesAnderson has been around for nearly 600 posts while accumulating half a million followers on their verified account. Every once in a while, I remember that it exists on a night where I have nothing going on and nobody else’s profile to scroll myself into oblivion, and so I settle into bed to marvel at each of the submissions and the respective historical trivia of each photo that they’ve posted.

Photo Credit: https://www.instagram.com/accidentallywesanderson/

The colours of each frame trick you into thinking that each still was taken right out of Moonrise Kingdom or The Royal Tenenbaums (my personal favourite: I’ve been dreaming of the day that I walk into a meeting wearing a coat just like Paltrow’s). The muted blues, the burnt orange, the millennial pink (that I also made my LinkedIn background photo) make me want to travel to Sardinia – or Sarajevo, or any other country that I have to Google when someone brings it up just to make sure it exists – and forget that anything else besides water and air exists. Staring at the collage of photos from all around the world, all sharing the same inviting radiance and promising, simple life that Anderson’s films incites in its viewers, I feel the same sense of gratification that I get out of watching one of his films. However, this is instantaneous, and requiring little to no effort, which, after all, is what Instagram is for.

Anybody who’s anybody should be following the account. I’ve already checked my mutuals; sadly, only 11 of my followers know great taste and poor irony when they see it. I’ve always wondered if Anderson knows that this page exists. Does he find it ironic that people will rework their photos to fit into his vision? Or does he want to fling himself into the ocean because all he’ll ever be remembered for is his ~aesthetic~ and the way it makes you feel once you make that photo of a deserted theatre your screensaver?

Uncultured swine: What’s your background picture supposed to be?

Me, the ultimate film critic: It’s a Wes Anderson thing.

Swine: What?

Me, only really became a fan of Anderson when I found out his wife was also Lebanese: You wouldn’t get it.

Photo Credit: https://www.instagram.com/accidentallywesanderson/

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