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This week Forbes Magazine released a list of the 10 highest paid YouTubers of 2018. In line with typical Forbes style- and unfortunately any highest paid list for that matter- there was not a single woman featured. In fact, the top earner of 2018 was a seven-year old boy… After reading the article I was left so confused. How can a seven-year old boy top the list and an adult woman not even make the top 10? It’s a demonstration of the sexist nature of our society that not a single woman made the top 10, so I wanted to write about female YouTubers who although may not have made the Forbes list, have made a huge impact on my life and the lives of many of my female friends. 

When I think about the female YouTubers I watch every day and what they mean to me, I immediately think of all that they have taught me about body positivity and self love. As a woman, it is an undeniably rebellious act to love yourself. Sadly, like many other women I know, I have always had a difficult relationship with myself and my body. I spent a lot of my teen years feeling uncomfortable in myself and my appearance but, through learning about body positivity and self love, I now have a much more-healthy connection with myself. If you are struggling with similar issues, then female YouTubers are a great resource immediately at your disposal. You are offered what feels like one-to-one advice about self love and self acceptance that has really resonated with me and with many other women in my life.

I thought about some female YouTubers that have really helped me and listed them below. So if you’re in need of some self care/self love/body positivity for Dummies- this is a pretty good place to start…

1. Tia Ward

Tia Ward is quite possibly the wisest woman on YouTube, her series ‘Friends in the Benz: Relationship Chat’ is essentially her in her car discussing relationships with her friends. It covers all kinds of relationships but the key theme that runs throughout all of her videos is the relationship we have with ourselves. It’s a great place to start if you’ve just got out of a relationship and are in serious need of some self-love lessons. 

2. Grace Victory

Grace Victory did a TED talk at Queen Mary in November 2017 discussing her relationship with her body. She’s very open about the issues she has faced in life and talks about her journey through spirituality and therapy. She is a true champion of body-positivity and is open about overcoming both eating disorders and sexual assault. A truly inspirational woman, she openly celebrates her body and is an amazing example of how self-love can change your life.  

3. Bodyposipanda 

Bodyposipanda (real name Megan Jayne Crabbe) has taught me so much about body positivity. In her book Body Positive Power, she exposes the diet industry- hard. She taught me about the millions of ways in which the diet industry profits off insecurities and how we should not allow ourselves to be manipulated into self-hatred by these huge corporations. She does amazing videos called #DONTHATETHESHAKE where she dances and shakes her body in the most wonderful, empowering way… just watch it, it’s incredible.  

4. Emilia Fart  

I honestly don’t even know where to begin with Emilia Fart. My younger sister told me to watch her videos and from that point onwards I knew I would be hooked for life. She is almost impossible to summarise but essentially, she is one of the most uplifting and incredible women on YouTube. She dresses in similar clothes every day, a home-made ensemble consisting of a robe, a ‘forever-scarf’ (impossible to explain) and a feather-boa to match. She is so strange and so weird and it’s so, so uplifting. She is totally comfortable being herself and encourages others to feel the same. A true inspiration of living for yourself and loving yourself for all of your quirks.

5. Lucy Wood  

Quite possibly the funniest woman on YouTube, Lucy Wood discusses body positivity for ‘in-between girls’ which is a gap I feel that a lot of women can relate to. She focuses on the problems that come with not being super slim, but not being plus sized either, and she talks openly about her on-going struggle with body positivity. I stumbled across her channel around 6 months ago and have been obsessed ever since. She leaves me crying with laughter but also feeling empowered and she is deeply, deeply relatable. 

I hope this list helps you in some way, I urge you to see in the new year by supporting some amazing, powerful women… especially yourself!

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