Our First Christmas Together.

This Christmas was my first one with my boyfriend and of course, I was a nervous wreck hoping everything was perfect- indeed it was- but this got me thinking. Spending a holiday, especially Christmas, with someone for the very first time is extremely scary because you want to make that holiday special and memorable or perhaps you want to have a fresh start and to forget the previous holidays with an ex-partner, putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. So, I thought I would capture my own Christmas day as well as giving tips on how to make the holiday special for you and your partner, this not only applies to Christmas but can be applied to every other holiday too!

For most couples, splitting time between both families is a key part of the holidays, making sure both partners see their loved ones. Sometimes this can be as easy as spending one day with one side of the family and another day with the other- for this Christmas, I spent Christmas eve with my boyfriend’s family as that’s when they celebrate Christmas and Christmas day with my family! Sometimes a text, call, or video chat will do if family members live far away but showing your partners family that you care for them equally to your own is a great way bring the families together and to break any tension or nerves that you may have. Its always best to plan out your days and let family know what you will be doing!

Traditions is another hurdle new couples may face! As I said my boyfriend celebrates on Christmas eve which is different to my own family. Embracing each other’s traditions is key if the relationship is going to be long term, as you most likely will be taking on some of their traditions in the future as your own. Discussing your traditions is a great way to slowly adapt to the changes that they may bring. I loved learning about my partners Christmas traditions and I cannot wait to celebrate them in the future, you never know, you may have similar traditions or complete opposites that you’ve always wanted to embrace or try. Get involved! This may be scary but being involved early on means that it will get easier over time and soon enough, those traditions and family members will be part of your own.

Gifts. Gifts. Gifts. Now, I will not lie when I say I was extremely nervous about gifts this year, wanting to find the perfect first Christmas gift nearly made me rip my hair out! However, it was great in the end, so here are some present shopping tips (that may also come in handy for birthdays too!):

-Think of their favourite hobbies, films, tv shows or anything that they adore and buy something that relates to them. This will give you instant boyfriend/girlfriend points for remembering their favourite things to do or watch!

-Listen out for hints on stuff they may want or like, and if you go out shopping and they mentioned something they would really like but cannot afford, then keep that in mind.

-Check that they haven’t got the item for themselves already, take a moment to glance around their room maybe to make sure that you’re not buying them another item they already own.

-Finally, pick something that has meaning, something that when they look at it, they think of you or a memory of you two. No matter what the item is, the sentimental value will guarantee a good response.

As well as the stress of buying for your partner, you also have the in-laws! However, this again is easy…maybe easier than buying for your partner…JUST ASK YOUR PARTNER! Asking your partner what their parents would like, their favourite drinks or food is an easy way to find the perfect present.

Christmas with someone new is always going to be a little scary because all we want is to give them the best Christmas ever and the best way to do that is; to be involved, to not stress over gifts and to just relax with each other! Christmas 2018 was, for me, the best Christmas I have ever had, and I have my boyfriend to thank for that. Just remember to enjoy the holidays, indulge with the person who doesn’t care if you have food all over your face (or in your beard) and be grateful for having each other for this magical season!

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