Personal Platform: ‘Lines on Maps’.

Consider the history of the world

Imagine how things would be if it didn’t matter if you were a boy and I was a girl

Imagine how it would feel if noone cared if I was African or you were Asian, the only thing that mattered was that we were Homosapiens

It seems idealistic at best

To imagine a world deeper than the colour of your chest

Or the colour of your nation’s flag that you wear on your vest

Actually maybe not when you consider what makes a country

You draw a line on a map

Declare yourself a King Tell the members of this “nation,” they’re citizens and so are their offspring

And suddenly there’s hating and hate speech outwardly and in the streets

The nationalism starts to rise and people hate others with pride

And yes I know developing countries is more complicated than maps

But then remember Israel’s made of extracts of other country’s lines on

Maps In the Western World today

Immigration as a word is detested and makes people afraid

They think their world is being invaded

Describing the foreigners as benefits-seeking aliens

But we have a duty as members of this Earth to help where we can before we’re buried in the dirt

But maybe some forget they get lost in the lines

Immigration’s not a curse it’s the mixing of lives

With the culture

The experiences

The food

All giving rise to a multinational mood

An atmosphere of love and understanding

The culmination of humanity

Beyond the lines on maps.

There is something amiss about immigration in this country


The same word used for mental institutions describes the escape of a persecuted human from their home

Do we think they’re crazy for trying to be safe?

Some would say they’re lazy here to live off the benefits

Well Consider this

If we shut our borders

And we tell them no

To stay within their lines

You’re not welcome here

Then they’re alone

Now they have no choice

Without our help

They have no voice

How can we say we stand for equality

If we sit in the face of inhumanity

It’s ironic if you think about it closely

England, the land of God and Morality,

The origins of colonisation,

Doesn’t think it has a responsibility

To help support other nations.

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