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This is a poem that I created for a modernism assignment. We were tasked with setting our alarm for a 12-hour period. Each time our alarm went off we had to write down the word or phrase that we saw in front of, or around us. After we had gathered the phrases we were asked to compose a poem using the words. I decided to base my poem on the experience that one may face in the fast-paced life in London.

Original Phrases

9am: Rely on me 2pm:Social Media 7pm:Knowledge
10am:Soul 3pm:Mighty 8pm:Performance
11am:Shaping the future 4pm:Indulges 9pm:Dangerous
12pm:Heightened paranoia 5pm:Proud
1pm:Experience 6pm:London


The Poem I Produced As A Result titled: ‘London.’

London, an ever-changing city,

With no one to rely on, but me.

In a state of heightened paranoia,

Constantly berated by your employer.

London an ever-changing city,

Where social media surrounds me.

Shaping the lives of future generations,

Creating an environment of dangerous temptations.

London an ever-changing city,

An experience that haunts me.

The land of the mighty and the proud,

Where a soul is simply lost in the crowd.

London an ever-changing city,

Where culture and knowledge overwhelm me.

One indulges without a purpose,

Only seeing the human on the surface.

Can anyone tell this is only a performance?

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