Personal Platform: The Tree of Knowledge.

The brain is like a flower,

It needs to be watered to grow in power,

Like a flower craves food and sunlight,

The brain needs similar nourishing in its plight,

It needs to be pruned and fed in order to grow,

There is a never- ending limit to what the brain can know,

Just as a flower absorbs nutrients from the earth,

The brain absorbs knowledge automatically from birth,

Just as a flower changes with each season,

The brain evolves to develop understanding and reason,

While a flower can become part of a bloom,

One brain can unite with many others in a room,

To create ideas with the potential to change society.

Thus in a world with so much variety,

To help everyone reach their full potential and grow,

The secret lies in being able to communicate and share what we know,

So let us now plant the bulb that will become the tree of our knowledge…

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