Questioning your relationship: Don’t forget these signs

No matter how strong or stable a relationship is, you will always have those moments of doubts. The moments where the voices inside your head try to steer you in a different direction, pushing you away from your partner for silly reasons, which nine times out of ten, are not true. Relationships are on a spectrum, from candlelit dinners and planning your future together to those nights in alone when you question your compatibility. Sometimes we cannot express our feelings to our partners because we have prioritised things such as work, or deadlines, and sometimes, we need that space and in these moments of distance, that is when thoughts begin to breed. What I am trying to say is showing love and affection in full force is not a 24-hour thing, but that does not mean your relationship is taking a dive.

Just thinking of your significant other (in a positive light) is a big sign that you are happy within that relationship. Noticing things in your day that remind you of your lover is a clear sign that you care deeply for them, must be love on the brain, right?

Responding to your partners good news in a positive manner is another sign that the relationship is healthy and moving upwards. You wanting the best for your partner and seeing that this positive moment will lead onto more positive outcomes which may affect you too, is a definite symbol of stability.

Spending time apart with friends or doing hobbies on your own shows that you are comfortable in the relationship, that you can trust each other. Not everyone you date will love the things you do so doing those activities alone or with friends shows a positive and adult mindset to the relationship, rather than forcing them to endure what you enjoy knowing that they will have zero interest. For myself, I know that my partner’s music taste varies from my own and I would much rather he enjoy a gig with friends that love that music too, than for me to force myself to tag along. Similarly, I would not expect him to write articles or poetry like I do! It’s called balance.

Humour. Humour is the biggest sign of a steady and secure relationship. Being able to joke with your partner, making jokes about each other (that are harmless) and both laughing about it, is extremely healthy. Having a private ‘language’ with your partner, inside jokes that only you both laugh at across the table at breakfast can help facilitate bonding and shows true satisfaction in the relationship.

These are just some indicators of a healthy and happy relationship that most of us ignore or do not even notice. These moments between you and your partner are the ones that you should remember whenever you begin to question yourself, your partner or the relationship. Throwing away a relationship because of miscommunication of hearts is a tragedy, before you throw in the towel or bad mouth your partner to someone, think of these small moments of pure bliss and I promise, you will change your tune.

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