Fashion Week- Everything You Need to Know

Fashion Month is nearly upon us, and here is a rundown of all the information you need to stay up to date with the most hectic time in fashion. Use these resources to help you to channel your inner Naomi Campbell, Blair Waldorf or Miranda Priestly.


New York Fashion Week: 4thFebruary-13thFebruary

London Fashion Week: 15thFebruary-19thFebruary

Milan Fashion Week: 19thFebruary-25thFebruary

Paris Fashion Week: 25thFebruary-5thMarch


Whether there are specific shows that you want to watch or you just want a list of the designers whose works will be showcased at each of the fashion weeks, schedules can be found for each of the weeks here:

NYFW Schedule:

LFW Schedule:

MFW Schedule:

PFW Schedule:

Where and How to Watch

With the help of the schedules for each of the fashion weeks, pinpointing the shows that spark your interest should be easy. Many shows now offer the option for people to watch them online, transporting the fashion week experience to your very own home (and allowing you to wear comfier outfits than expected on the front row). Livestreams are often available, and many fashion houses also upload their full shows to their websites or YouTube accounts after the event, so be on the lookout for these!

Unfortunately, gaining access to the actual shows can slightly difficult, however there are ways. Though it may be too late to get tickets for the upcoming fashion weeks in February, these tips could be useful for the shows in September!

  • Contact PR Teams– Emailing PR teams ahead of time can be a way to bag a spare ticket. This option can be particularly successful if you already have ties to the industry, even if this is just a fashion blog that you run in your free time! Email addresses are often available for the PR teams on the official Fashion Week websites, so give it a go!
  • Volunteer– Volunteering not only gives you access to the behind the scenes of the shows, it also looks great on your CV! It’s a win/win. Have a look on see if there are any positions you might be able to fill!
  • Attend London Fashion Week Festival– Though this is slightly different to attending the actual Fashion Week events, it gives you a taste of the real thing! Tickets are available at different price points here:

Gaining Inspiration

Fashion Weeks are particularly great for providing serious fashion inspo, with the best resources not necessarily being the shows themselves! Street style is a great way to see how to style current trends, so keep up with these via Instagram and blogs. Vogue often compiles a list of their favourite street style looks too, so be sure to check this out if you’re needing new fashion ideas!

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