Personal Platform: ‘I said it first. And last’

This piece is about the first time that you say you love your partner and the feelings aren’t mutual. The piece was inspired by sabrina benaim, a spoken word poet who places her heart on the paper and uses ink to express her deepest thoughts and feelings. This piece is inspired by unrequited love and how eventually you have to let go, move on and grow.

I said it first. And last.

I said I love you first.
I said I love you even with tears crawling down my face after an argument over me being too emotionally involved.
I said I love you even when I knew it wasn’t right. When you didn’t look at me the same way and your phone become your life.
I said I love you after all the little tiffs we had about my anxiety and me being over the top. You never said sorry last.
I said I love you even when you called me your friend or mate, when nicknames weren’t cute little words that curled off your tongue or lyrics that fitted me perfectly.

I said I love you even when you ignored my pleas for affection.

And I said I love you last. When you left, I didn’t fight or beg. I just said I love you. Because that’s all that could drip from my lips.

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