Personal Platform: Could you turn down the silence, please?

This piece is a personal reflection of what loneliness feels like. It has been written in memory of a time in my life that I felt isolated. The irony flowing through the poem represents how the feeling of loneliness permeates everything around you. It is the silence that gets to you, it becomes so acute that you want to shut it out:


Could you turn down the silence, please?

Sitting on my windowsill in the middle of the night and hearing the shouts and laughs from the pub across the street makes me wonder, is that the sound of life?

Inside this house, I feel dead.

The silence is deafening.

I put my music on too loud

To block out the sound of

Nothingness. To block out

The little voices in my head

that prey on the edge of my sanity.

Little voices that keep me company

in the absence of real people.

I cover my ears and squeeze my eyes shut,

I am shaking,


Could you turn down the silence, please?

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