Photography: Valentines Edition

Photo Credit: Anonymous Student

“When I took these photos what I had in mind was long walks and just talking about everything and anything with someone you care about. I think they link back to Valentines/love because sometimes it is the simple things in a relationship that stick with you even when that relationship is over.”

As Editor-in-Chief, I love the solitariness of the photos, they remind me of going for a walk alone at night when all is peaceful and you can really be at one with yourself. I find them enchanting and feel that they speak to those of us this Valentine’s who do not necessarily have a significant other and who should embrace self-love, also those of us that are in relationships, but who are still individuals in their own right who need their own space to escape and do the things that they love to do. The pictures that feature water are particularly romantic, especially the way the water is ghostly illuminated by the street lights.

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