Dinner is Coming – an immersive dining experience influenced by Game of Thrones.

Since the first episode of Game of Thrones aired in April 2011, the world has been gripped by its fever and that fever is inevitably going to intensify with the launch of the final series in April 2019. To coincide with this launch, The Vaults in Waterloo has created an immersive spoof dining experience to enable fans to act out this fantasy drama in real life. This experience prides itself on providing customers with a delicious feast of indulgent food, theatre, comedy and an unhealthy does of murder (not to be taken literally of course, just like in the series, it will be purely choreographed). The Game of Thrones realm of the ‘Several Kingdoms’ will be recreated deep in the Vaults’ 30,000 square feet maze of underground tunnels and guests will be submerged in an atmosphere full of darks twists, allegiance challenges and ominous royal celebrations…

Dinner is coming tells the story of a marriage between the heir to the Several Kingdoms: Jaffrey Bearathon, and Margarine, the beautiful daughter of the noble Trywell Family. Guests are invited to come together to celebrate the loving union of the two families through an evening of food, drink and laughter. I defy you to find a better combination for the ultimate sensory dining experience. However, guests should be expected to be on their guard, for fans of the show will know that this all sounds a little too romanticised and fairy-tale like. In reality, all is not always as it seems in the Several Kingdoms, nor will it be throughout the dining experience. Should violence or even murder arise, guests are encouraged not to lose their heads, but to choose a kingdom to pledge love and loyalty to, and show support for the rightful heir to the throne. That’s right, guests are also expected to perform a certain role and get in character!

For as the night deepens, whilst guests enjoy merrymaking and frolicking in festivities, they must also continue to have their wits about them and be prepared to scupper their moral compasses and stab fellow revellers in the back (metaphorically, of course…). The production, devised by The Vaults’ creative team, is directed by Sam Carrack and features food designed by chefs Chavdar Todorov and Steven Estevez, as well as an exclusively designed drinks menu. Guests will further be encouraged to dress in accordance to their chosen house, whether a richly decorated Lord or Lady from Easteros, an armoured warrior, or a rag-wearing peasant. What would you choose?

Below is an exclusive glimpse at the feast that will satisfy the most gluttonous of people:

Wildfire Bouillon 

Asparagus, lemon-verbena jelly, mint leaves, red radish and fava beans served with a bright green pea and wildwood garlic viscous bouillon

The Kings Feast 

Lightly spiced whole cauliflower, crowns of crispy chicken wings, mixed bean and sweet potato pie, slow cooked whole lamb shoulder, roast burbank potatoes and egmont carrots and a salad of green courgette, butter lettuce, candy beetroot, peas, parsley and fresh pesto dressing

A Scarlett Ending 

Red wine, cinnamon and star anise poached pear with sweet and sour cream

The experience will run from the 9th April – 2nd June 2019

Address: Leake Street London SE1 7NN

Tickets start from £30

Suitable for Ages 18+ : contains nudity, violence, strong language and dragons

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