Exclusive Review: Charlie Steel ‘NOT INDUSTRY STANDARD’

Charlie Steel is an up and coming singer/songwriter based in Greater London whose new debut EP ‘NOT IDUSTRY STANDARD’ will be hitting the streaming platforms on April 25th. Charlie has worked hard to create a style which is unique and different to most commercialised music of 2019, making the title of his EP a perfect fit.

Charlie Steels ‘Poverty Porn’ is a chilled indie vibe with some smooth rap lyrics, something that anyone and everyone can groove too. It is like his ‘Staying in Going out’ debut which has a down-to-earth, smooth feel which is easy to listen to. His lyrics roll off the tongue and complement his pop beats and chilled melodies. BornMusicOnline described Charlie as a ‘lo-fi hip hop teamed with a male Kate Nash’, which is a great description for Steels calm and collective beats mingled with interesting rhyming couplets and lyrics. ‘Up All Night’ brings in a more electric feel, exploring a more upbeat and fun vibe which feels like it belongs in the 90s scene. The mix of genres means that everyone can find something that they will like from Steel, either a more relaxed and indie tune or a up-beat, 90s vibe.

What is interesting about Charlie Steel’s music is that it does not have one specific genre, meaning the skies the limit for this musician. His mellow rap and indie vibe are a great listen for lazy days, casual listening and everyday life seeing as Steel’s lyrics are mundane and relatable to the working-class individual who lives for the weekends and free time.

Steel’s music video is like a home video, again reinforcing his 90’s vibe but also allowing us to see Charlie in his natural and unpolished environment which, hats off to him! This type of video style most certainly matches his vibe, style and music production and, for me, should become a staple!

It is evident from Charlie’s Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and Soundcloud, that he takes his music seriously and will not release anything that he is not proud of and that he has worked hard for many years to create his own following and style. Be sure to keep an eye out for more music from Charlie Steel soon as he continues to develop his style and keeps on creating tunes that are fun to jam to with important messages for lyrics.

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