Hunting for Pancakes in Spitalfields Market

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This Tuesday (5th March) is Pancake Day! So if you were on the hunt for an excuse to indulge yourself, look no further – there’s nothing better than a national holiday. Let’s face it though, if you’re looking for a place for this Tuesday, you might struggle to get a table, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat pancakes the rest of the week (or, you know, all the time).

If there’s one place to go hunting for some of the tastiest pancakes, it’s Spitalfields Market. Here you’ll also find all kinds of quirky stalls and popular shops, particularly for cosmetics like MAC and NARS, if searching for pancakes wasn’t enough of an incentive. It’s easy to get to from campus, just hop on the Central Line to Liverpool Street and its a short walk from there.

  1. The Breakfast Club

Breakfast all day long? Sounds like a dream. Here you’ll find the perfect place to gorge on generous stacks of fluffy pancakes. One of the more decadent options is the salted caramel banoffee pancakes, which can feel like a Man v Food challenge all by itself. Plus there’s a vegan option. Did I mention there’s a secret bar too?

While The Breakfast Club is probably my top choice for pancakes all year-round, from the 5th-8th March you’ll be spoilt for choice with the Pancake Day specials. Dive into savoury pancakes like spicy Kentucky-inspired, vegan crispy duck pancakes or even a burger pancake. For those with a sweeter tooth, like me, there’s peanut butter, banana and jam or deep fried apple pancake pie.

Source: The Breakfast Club
  1. The Diner

I’ve always loved The Diner for its stylish American diner-style vibe and decor. Who needs to fly to America anyway? All day long you’ll find your classic buttermilk pancakes, as well as blueberry, choc chip, banana and strawberry & chocolate. Of course, good old American comfort food and shakes are available too, if you don’t consider pancakes an entire meal.

And the best part? The Diner also has Pancake Day specials on the 4th & 5th March. Get ready for mint chocolate chip (vegan-friendly!), boozy black forest, apple & cinnamon, chocolate & strawberry or Oreo pancakes. They look seriously impressive, check them out here.

Source: The Diner
  1. Crêpeaffaire

OK, these are technically crepes, not pancakes, but we’ll pretend they’re the same thing. If like me, you’ve been to Westfield Stratford a fair few times, you’ve probably walked past the Crêpeaffaire stand and not batted an eyelid, but with so many different flavours, they’re definitely worth a try. It’s the savoury ones that always fascinate me, from Mexican chicken and Superveg to smoked salmon & cream cheese (if you like that kind of thing). For sweet options, you’ve got all the classics, plus both luxury and vegan ranges. The Spitalfields Market location is actually a small sit-down restaurant, but this is also a great option if everywhere is packed and you need to grab-and-go.

Source: Crêpeaffaire

What do you think? Where is your favourite place for pancakes?

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