Music Review: Total Consumption and Other Acts @ The Black Heart, Camden

This Saturday at The Black Heart in Camden, I lost my Grindcore and death metal virginity with the help from a collection of brilliant bands- Total Consumption, Part Cannon, Kaasschaaf and Black Skies Burn. To say that this gig was a new experience would be an understatement, it was the most interesting and diverse gig I have ever been to, so I had to share these bands and experience with you!

The night opened with Total Consumption, a London based Grindcore three piece and the crowd was loving them! The atmosphere created by these three men was something extraordinary, especially with the slight obsession with chocolate spread that was made obvious by the Lead singer being caked in Nutella by audience members – something that made the band most certainly stick in my memory! Total Consumption made their debut at Red Roar Festival in 2016 and have burst onto the UK scene by supporting many other amazing bands such as the legendary brutal death metal titans Suffocation and death shred legends Origin, as well as producing several EP’s along the way. The band’s obsession with chocolate-based substances has been solidified in their new EP Spread or Dead alongside merch depicting the band smearing Nutella on each other (which many of the audience members sported with pride throughout the gig!) If Total consumption has taught me anything about Grindcore it is that you can still be a heavy music lover, create some awesome breakdowns, mosh till you’re a sweaty mess of a man and still enjoy the occasional chocolate treat!

Total Consumption had eased me into the heavy music scene with several songs referring to sexual acts and chocolate spread and now I was about to delve into the world of Black Skies Burn and Kaasschaaf. I will admit, I had a soft spot for Kaasschaaf and their set was truly awesome! They are a Part Grind band from the Netherlands who plays a mix of grind, groove and gore! They brought the party atmosphere with them even through their introduction song and the crowd was begging for more when they eventually retired for the night! Black Skies Burn brought a different kind of atmosphere to the night, less party and more… death! The four-piece Death Grind come from the bowels of Oxfordshire and have opened for the likes of Napalm Death, Sepultura and Warpath and have even released a full-length album in 2013 and a live album in 2015. Both bands smashed their sets and provided two different atmospheres yet both engaging with the audience and moshers, leaving everyone pumped up for the final band- Party Cannon.

In the short moments between the last band to Party Cannon, the room filled with bodies and there was no escape- Party Cannon were here to tear the place down! Party Cannon decided what the crowd needed was props… and so the inflatable crocodile was released into the room alongside several beach balls which just reinforces their name, they bring the party! The mix of sweat, heat, breakdowns, screaming and inflatable beach toys created such an immersive atmosphere and left no band standing still… including little old me! Party Cannon originate from Scotland – meaning you know they go hard – and use comedy lyrics and a party theme to create a strange yet pleasing experience. They too have released one full length album, one EP and two demo albums.

Leaving The Black Heart that night after my first heavy gig, performed by four awesome bands who provided different takes on similar music styles, was an awesome way to end my Saturday! No doubt I will be seeing one or two of these bands again and I most certainly will be listening to their EP’s or buying their merch too! If you enjoy heavy music, grind core, death slam, party vibes or even chocolate spread hit up these bands and even if you’re not into this scene, give it a go! I did and I’m planning to not be a big baby and make it into the mosh pit next time! Thank you to Total Consumption for putting the gig together and for bringing along some totally awesome bands!

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