Oscars 2019: Who Wore What?


At the end of last month, the 91st Academy Awards were held bringing this year’s awards season to a close. Hollywood did not disappoint this year, dressing for a truly spectacular finale. 


Billy Porter may have to win best dressed for this Christian Siriano tuxedo gown. Everything about this outfit is perfect: the velvet texture, the ruffle sleeves, and the groundbreaking elegance of the whole look.


Marina de Tavira looked the epitome of a dainty princess. The dress is perfectly contrasting with the delicate details of the tulle and ruffles against the bold red colour.

instagram.com/ @dreamerandthecity

Ruffles and tulle continued to be a big hit at this year’s oscars with Kacey Musgraves bubblegum princess look. The gorgeous light pink coloured extravagant ruffles create a graceful but statement look.


Gemma Chan continues the theme of elegant ruffles with this amazing bright pink dress. The excitement of this dress continues with the pockets, that allows her to make this dress look super cool.


Constance Wu’s dress screamed modern day live action Belle with its gorgeous golden colour. The dress’ gorgeous simplicity in its detail paired with the sweetheart neckline made her one of the best dressed of the night.


Lady Gaga perfectly encompassed her outgoing singer style with the old Hollywood glamour style. The long traditionally glamorous gloves are made punkish with the leather latex look. The traditional elegant long gown is transformed into a unique cool dress with the obscure shape. The overall look creates an almost avant-garde elegance.

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