Pathfinder Student Ambassador Programme – all you need to know

As a final year student I am constantly bombarded with the same question: ‘what are you going to do after university?’. To be quite honest with you, I don’t know. But having spoken to my friends and fellow students, what I do know is that this question can cause anxiety in all students, regardless of their grades and how well they may, or may not be doing. As the current Editor in Chief of CUB my dream is to pursue a career in journalism but I am also open to pursuing other career paths with the skills I have developed throughout my undergraduate study. However, in between the mounting pile of books scattered across my bedroom floor demanding to be read and the constant notifications on QM Plus that I have an essay due, it is hard to find the time to explore what options are available to me after graduation and the different steps I need to get there.

However, the aim of this article is to introduce a new start-up that Queen Mary students can get involved with through an Ambassador Programme which aims to resolve this dilemma of not knowing what career paths lay ahead and the different stepping stones needed to get there. Pathfinder is the baby of Kim Aviv, a fellow Cambridge University graduate, who was later joined by Oxford graduate Laura Bengescu; it is a web-application which gives customised career guidance and navigation, as well as information to enable students to discover industries, identify companies within each industry, identify internships and graduate jobs and information for how to prepare for interviews and applications. It is fair to say that having been created by two former students who have first hand experience of university life and life after graduation, Pathfinder is specially designed to tap into real life student concerns about their futures.

Not to go all salesperson on you (I know as a student myself how tight money can be and CUB does not tolerate free marketing and promotion as you know!), Pathfinder normally works as a subscription service, complete with a 14-day free trial before upgrading to a yearly subscription for £45 or £30 if you upgrade before the end of the trial. But Pathfinder has recently launched a new and exclusive Ambassador Programme which means you not only get a lifetime subscription to use the software for FREE, you get to unlock all the services which the software provides to help you have control over your future, and lastly, you get to boost your CV with work experience as part of a start up company and actively contribute to the evolution of the company and have your voice heard.

Pathfinder is keen to network with students and build a community of students that are passionate about pursuing their ideal careers (which I think is a common goal of ALL students) as they believe that only students can help Pathfinder improve and grow to suit the requirements of their target audience. As an Ambassador, you would be in direct contact with the company and would be required to submit feedback and suggestions so that Pathfinder can perfect the user experience and develop features that will benefit students further. As well as the aforementioned benefits, Ambassadors will have access to early releases of new features to try out before anyone else. Ambassadors will firstly be asked to familiarise themselves with the software so that they can fill out an initial survey and other surveys which are currently in the process of development. After meeting with a member of the company, I have been assured that the Ambassador Programme is meant to be mutually beneficial for students and the company, and the company does not wish to put any more pressure on students or add to their workload. As an Ambassador, you will be able to have a say in your involvement. Ambassadors will also be engaged with more ‘creative’ activities alongside filling out surveys such as contests or challenges and have access to Pathfinder’s ‘Idea Board’ where students can suggest, comment and vote ideas.

In order to become an Ambassador for Pathfinder, students can reach out to the company via Facebook. Once students have created an account with Pathfinder and become a member of their dedicated private Facebook group, they will be good to go! Pathfinder will keep in touch with students via Facebook Messenger on a weekly basis but again, I must stress that there is no minimum commitment – the ball really is in your court as a student.

If you do have any other questions, or require more details, please email: and see the following links below:

Link to the Facebook group:

Link to the website:


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