Personal Platform: The Shoes.

This is a short story I had submitted in my Creative Writing portfolio. A modern Cinderella tale with a twist – I’ve always been one for the clichés.

The shoes

“Hey! … Excuse me, Sir! … Hello? You left your shoes!”

I glance down at the pair of dirty white converses lying on the steps. A moment passes before I make up my mind and I hastily grab the shoes and run after the tall man.

How on earth does someone forget their shoes?

Like ‘yeah never mind, I’m just gonna leave my shoes on these steps and be on my way’.

What a weirdo.

I heave out a breath. Damn, he can walk fast.

“Yo dude!”

Finally, the man turns and perhaps it’s my arms doing a weird dance with his shoes dangling from my hands that make his thick eyebrows furrow. He slowly walks down the busy street towards me.

I sigh and pass him his shoes. “You forgot them.”

He chuckles and peers down at his feet. I do too. Stripy socks: grey and blue.

“Sorry, sometimes I do that,” he laughs.

I try not to get distracted by the cute dimple on his left cheek and raise a brow. “You just forget your shoes?”

He shakes his head and runs a hand through his dark hair. “No,” he chuckles. “Sometimes I get tired of wearing shoes, ya know? My feet need to be free so I take them off.”

“And leave them on the side walk?” I say slowly.

He nods. “Exactly.”

A moment of silence reigns upon us.

“Though no one has ever given them back to me.” He holds his shoes with one hand and raises the other to shake my hand. “I’m Charming.”

I scoff. “You certainly are not charming.”

“No,” he laughs and there’s that dimple again. “My name is Henry Charming.”

My eyes widen. “You’re joking?” When he shrugs nonchalantly, I press my hand against his to shake. “Right. Well I’m Ella.”

“You want to grab a coffee, Ella?” he asks.

I nod and my lips quirk up into a smile. “Only in one condition.”

Confusion clouds his grey eyes. “What?”

I point at the shoes.

“You put your shoes back on.”

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