Review: The Breakup Monologues

Hi I’m Fran, and I am a podcast addict. I spend every waking (and sleeping) moment listening to podcasts. I find it so, so relaxing. Podcasts are with me when I sleep, commute and work; they help to make my day that little bit brighter. I also am totally fascinated by love, romance and all that comes with it. So naturally, when I was asked to review podcast The Breakup Monologues, I jumped at the chance.  

The Breakup Monologues is presented and created by comedian Rosie Wilby. Speaking about her podcast, Wilby explained that ‘whoever we are, however funny and seemingly successful, relationships are a minefield.’ This idea totally hits the nail on the head. Relationships can be the worst. Like practically everyone in the world, I have experienced my fair-share of heartbreak. It often feels like dating and romance is impossible. Please excuse the drama but sometimes dating is simply a never-ending carousel of suffering and pain. However, tragedy is often the maker of great comedy and this forms the basis of Wilby’s podcast. Wilby started the podcast towards the end of 2017 and has hosted a range of incredible guests including dating podcast queen, and my personal idol, Dolly Alderton.   

On the 13th of February, otherwise known as Valentine’s-day-eve, I made my way to Poplar Union to see a live recording of the second series of The Breakup Monologues. What’s interesting about the podcast’s second series, and what sets it apart from the first, is that all episodes are live audience-facing recordings. This adds to the magic and hilarity of the podcast. I found myself laughing along and sharing this laughter with those around me. This created a space where everyone in the room was able to share their mutual romantic pains and rare successes. This concept of sharing experiences is a theme of the podcast that deals with the psychology of love and relationships.   

The evening was structured into two separate episodes and had an interval between the two. Each episode had a different theme and different guests. I found the second episode with Charlie Dinkin and Justin Myers particularly relatable, as it tackled the terrifying world of online dating and ghosting. The stories both guests told were absolutely hilarious and I find it so wonderful to listen to someone you admire and respect talk about their dating woes. It’s tough out there, and it’s nice to be reminded that people share your pain from time to time.  

Wilby was a great host and very natural with her guests. It felt more like friends sitting and having a chat than a live podcast recording. This makes for relaxing listening, however I found that at times it felt like the topics and themes of the episode got a little lost. That being said, the podcast was very laid back and definitely easy listening. It also made me laugh so much and I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to listen to the second series of podcast when it comes out and would recommend anyone to head down and see a live recording. 

You can listen to first series of The Breakup Monologues now at all good podcast suppliers or head to a live recording at Kings Place. Here is the link to the website and dates:

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