Music Review: Lea Porcelain

If you are looking for an upbeat piece of music with wholesome and moving lyrics then Lea Porcelain’s ‘I Am OK’ is a perfect song for you! A morning wake me up track or a nice evening chill vibe hanging around with friends, this song is an easy and great listen! The two-piece punk-duo from Berlin bring a positive message that everything will be okay in the thundery darkness with beautiful vocals.

‘I Am OK’ is a brooding and tender piece which carries a beautiful message of a positive mind set and reassurance that everything will be okay one day, even if right now, it isn’t. The band state:
“The song describes a time in everybody’s life that make you lose faith in yourself, in someone else or in life itself and you just need to hear from someone that one day everything will be ok again. That no matter what, with time and patience we all will be ok.”

The song itself is completed with beautiful vocals, bass and ukulele making it a very chilled out, acoustic vibe which is perfect for relaxing and focusing as well as enforcing a positive message! Built on the atmospheric walls of sound and cinematic beauty that Julien Bracht and Markus Nicolaus have developed a reputation for, the track serves as another example of their unique chemistry. Meeting by chance at a nightclub 6 years ago in Frankfurt, Lea Porcelain have gone from strength to strength and “ I Am OK” serves as a statement of intent on what is set to be a big year for the duo. The pair have created something which is perfect and ideal for relaxation, for a chilled out atmosphere by bringing in natural sounds which reminds me of the Cinematic Orchestra’s song ‘Arrival of the Birds’.

In April, the pair will be touring Europe and will definately be high on my list to see live!

Check out the duo’s social medias listed below and check out their single ‘I Am Ok’ live now:

Sound cloud here:
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Insta @leaporcelain
Twitter @leaporcelain

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