Exclusive Review of Madison’s Soul House Sessions featuring HanLei.

I wish I could rewind to Sunday so that I can experience Madison’s Soul House Sessions all over again. If it wasn’t for the dull ache in my legs reminding me of all the dancing my partner and I done, then I’d think that the day was all a dream. Madison never fails to disappoint and Sunday was no exception. I never tire of stepping into the glass lift and travelling up to the sixth floor whilst St Paul’s Cathedral looms in front of my eyes, blocking out the horizon, or walking out onto the rooftop terrace and being blown away by the stunning panoramic views of the city skyline.

This Sunday the terrace was basked in sunlight as the sun’s rays reflected off the set of acclaimed DJ Neil Pierce and percussionist Jamie Soul (Jamie Walker). Complimenting their feel good and groovy beats were girl duo HanLei; their stunning vocals were interspersed with laughter as they bantered not only with each other, but also with the crowd who danced around them in time to the energetic rhythms that they were providing. I was fortunate enough to bump into one half of the soulful powerhouse in the bathroom and couldn’t believe that it was their first time performing at Madison, or that they naturally fell into the unique fusion that is house and soul music after attending house raves growing up. Their effortless style and grace makes it seem as if they were born to write and sing their own songs!

It was a privilege to experience their amazing chemistry first hand and as part of the crowd I can confirm that their warmth sucked you in and made you feel a part of their tangible friendship. Hailing from East London, the duo is currently taking the city by storm and announced at the end of their set (I could have listened to them for at least another five hours) that they will be bringing out an album this year– so make sure to keep an eye on all of their socials which will follow at the end of this article. The duo, named individually as Aleysha Lei and Hannah Khemoh, further completed their set by singing their song Diamond – a beautiful track influenced by the fact that diamonds are made through intense pressure. The message of the track, one line being ‘just be the diamond that you know you are’, is to use life’s pressures to make yourself stronger and to allow you to become a diamond rather than losing your individual spark or ‘fire’! Listen to the touching and infectious track here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qI-krDrrhLc&list=RDqI-krDrrhLc&start_radio=1 I can confirm that I will be a lifelong fan of HanLei, their songs hit home and really come from the heart.

As part of the Soul House Sessions not only did Madison provide world class music, they also provided world class food and hospitality. My partner and I dined inside the restaurant and tasted their ‘Three Course Sunday Roast’ menu which was faultless. Never once were our glasses empty and we were left feeling comfortably full after sampling some of the best flavour combinations we have ever had. To start I opted for the unbelievably fresh Prawn and Lobster Cocktail, for my main I had a mouth-watering Steak Roast and finally I had an Orange Polenta Cake and the most refreshing Sorbet known to man for dessert. My partner opted for the Smoked Ham Hock and Pigs’ Trotter Fritter to start, the Pork Belly Roast for main and the Baked Normandy Camembert for dessert. I would comment on the flavour of my partner’s food too but he demolished it so quickly I didn’t get to try it! But I can only take this as a good thing… There was also the option to enjoy just drinks or an alternative lighter food menu on the terrace.

The Soul House Sessions will be running until Sunday the 2nd of June – I would definitely recommend booking up for a day you will reminisce about for years!

HanLei Music – https://linktr.ee/hanleimusic



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